Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Lovely Early Evening

I don't know if this happens to you, but when I plan to recreate a wonderful time that happened spontaneously, it often doesn't work out as well. Fortunately, recreating our Friday early evening on Sunday evening worked out just beautifully.

Skip has a new physical therapist, who was coming at 4pm on Sunday to show us some range of motion exercises for Skip's shoulders. I suggested we head out to the patio as soon as she was done. Skip thought it was a great idea.

It was another unseasonably cool day here yesterday, so perfect for sitting outside. In fact, we kept the doors open all day and the a/c never came on as the outside temps were so low (70ish F).

We got outside around 5, Skip had a few cigars (small ones), the pups lazed at our feet on their big bed and I read aloud from Harold Kushner's book. Around 7, we all trooped back in the house and I made a simple dinner of grilled chicken thighs, garlic ciabatta bread and salad.

Great conclusion to a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Is that your gazebo I see behind you in your profile pic? I bet it came in handy for those evening readings. Are you using the screen enclosure often?


Cranky said...

That is indeed the gazebo. It is very handy. We don't use the screen enclosure but I'm trying to convince Skip that we should use the gazebo year-round, so the screens will help in the cooler weather.

She wants to get M's opinion about the idea of leaving the cover on all year.

Hope your weekend in Quebec was great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cranky! Again, nice to see your photo! I'm so happy you had a great Sunday evening! I hope you have many more! Oh gosh, when I try to recreate that perfect moment, it NEVER works, lol! Good job that you managed it!

awb said...

I hope you know you're going to make me check out this book now? Glad the weekend was great, keep it up!


Cranky said...

Rain - it was odd to add my photo after being a disembodied voice for so long, but glad I did it.

Like you, the attempts to recreate never worked in the past.

Andy - this is a good book, though not quite as good as some of the other Harold Kushner books I've read. I think When Bad Things Happen to Good People is his most famous. FYI - Kushner is a Rabbi and his frame of reference is biblical/religious. I consider myself an atheist but still find his content to be quite meaningful and relevant.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Sounds like another fine evening.
Like your photo, nice to see your face.
Have a good evening.

Cranky said...

Hi Herrad - it was a fine evening. Thanks for the compliment.