Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interesting Factoid About Comments

I noticed that I was on the verge of posting my 100th post (in fact, this is the 100th), and I was thinking about writing a milestone post. I started looking at the stats concerning number of users and how people came to the site (directly, via another site or through a search engine). For those who came via search engine, my posts about our modified Honda Element Xwav (aka the Toaster) and our Surehands lift system definitely generated the most visits. (Honestly, I'm not surprised about this because I searched the web about both of these items before purchasing to find independent reviews about them and was unsuccessful. I don't think there's that much out there about these aids.)

This caused me to wonder if anyone had posted a comment on any of my Caregiver Aids posts long after I'd posted the item. I checked them out and, lo and behold, there were comments that got posted months after the originals. I don't employ comment moderation nor did I have any kind of notification set up so I'd know when a comment was posted, so I'd never been aware of these comments until the other day.

This morning, I went to the Settings > Comments section of Blogger and found there's a setting that is almost exactly what I'd have requested if given my druthers. I'd have requested any comment posted to an entry more than 7 days after I posted it could be posted automatically but I'd get an email to alert me to it. All comments posted within the 7 days would just act as they do today, no notification to me, no moderation required from me. Since this wasn't available, I selected comment moderation only when a comment is more than 7 days older than the post. And, I'll also get an email notification about it. I'd rather not have the moderation in place, but the only other option would have had me get an email about every comment posted. This would result in enough emails that I'd probably miss notification about a comment on an older post.

I can't speak about any of the other blogging applications out there, but I must give kudos to Blogger for having this kind of functionality in place. I love comments and I'd love to know that an older post had a comment so I could read it and follow-up.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Actually the main reason why I moderate comments is so that I'm aware they are there! On my first blog, I never moderated, and I missed a lot of them because I was posting once, even twice a day! Hope all is well Cranky!

steve said...

Nice work Cranky! 100 fun and fact fill posts.

The search engine stats are fun. We get a lot of bounced Douglas Adams and Monty Python hits from a few passing references I posted. The SCS and suprapubic information seekers stick around for a while.

You can also track comments without moderation using your comments feed. Plug that link into Google Reader, or any other RSS reader, and you'll be notified when new comments are posted on any blog entry.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for your very interesting and informative post.
Have a good weekend with Skip.

Cranky said...

Rain - all is well here, I'm happy to report.

Steve - I might try the reader as another option. Thanks for the heads up.

Herrad - thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!