Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Update - Surgery on Hold

Just a quick update as I have to head over to the hospital to visit Skip. Yesterday morning, she had a seizure and I called 911 so she could be rushed over to the ER of the hospital where the surgery is to occur. Doesn't look like anything wrong in her brain such as a tumor, just bad stuff accumulating to send her into the seizure. Stuff like cellulitis (infection) around the wound, electrolytes out of whack, low red blood count.

So, she's set up at the hospital with the special mattress to help her circulation for wound healing. She got IV antibiotics last night. Is getting a transfusion of one or two units today. Basically, getting her stable so they can proceed with the surgery to do a major debriding of her wound.

In the meantime, her surgeon will be visiting and doing minor debriding every day.

This evening, I will provide additional updates and give more info on the seizure itself ... a very harrowing experience. Think good thoughts about us!


upstater said...

Oh, Cranky, sh*t--how scary for you and Skip. You both keep getting hammered. Tonight, as is my way, I will face East and scream out into the night "enough of this f*cking sh*t" in your honor. It is sort of a type of prayer (as only a Unitarian-Universalist post theist would think). My neighbors are pretty comfortable with it now...

I hope, too, that you get some time in the next few days to be kind to yourself and do something just for you.
Take care,

zoomdoggies said...

Cranky, I'm so sorry to hear this. You guys have really been getting beat up lately. My thoughts are with you and Skip.

Like upstater, I will face east tonight and scream "enough of this f*cking sh*t!!!" in your honor. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to it.

steve said...

Seizures are very frightening. You kept your head, and now Skip's wound is getting additional care.

Do harrowing experiences count as cardiovascular workouts? They sure do get the blood pumping.

Sending good thoughts on my fastest steed.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....troubles on top of troubles! I am glad Skip is getting the care she needs in the hospital, and it sounds like some of the necessary stuff for a good outcome overall (the mattress, blood transfusion, etc) so that she can heal once the major debridement is done. I'd try to make good friends with the wound care nurse - the surgeon is the final decision maker, but the wound care nurse is the one who is the bridge between Skip, the floor nurses, and the surgeon - having the wound care nurse as Skip's advocate is going to be key to keep everyone focused on the long term goal - Skip, healthy, going HOME!
Take care of you, too - breathe, lots of fluid, sunshine - all those basics. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Thinking of you both,
I am going to join Upstater and Zoomdoggies and shout enough of this shit for you both too.

Cranky said...

Thank you all so much! I, too, shall scream out my frustration(towards the East if I can figure out the direction). I'll be waiting until the morning to scream so I don't freak the dogs out (they're a bit unsettled with one of their moms inexplicably out of the house).