Friday, December 11, 2009

Surgery Today

As I write this, it's 7:05am ET and Skip is scheduled for surgery at 7:30. Her surgeon estimated it would last about an hour, then she'd need an hour or so in the recovery room. I'm estimating she'll head back up to her room mid-morning, and I plan to join her then.

I had figured it was a bad use of my limited time away from the dogs and work to be at the hospital during the surgery and initial recovery, when I couldn't be any use to Skip for support. However, I am doing a bit of second-guessing of myself. Despite that, I still think the plan is the best use of a key limited resource: me.

Her surgeon called me yesterday to let me know there is infection in the bone on the side where her wound is, as was reported to me by the internist. He said the other side isn't infected, though. Instead, what's there is deep tissue injury which, if not dealt with, would lead to another pressure sore. The air flow mattress then will have two purposes: help heal the existing wound and keep this incipient one from blossoming into another wound.

I'm thinking hopeful thoughts about this surgery. This is a very important step as it will clear away the necrotic tissue in the wound and create a good bed for healing. They'll attach the wound vac when the cleanup is done to supercharge that healing.

I worry about my Skip, though.


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Hope it all went well and Skip recovers well.
Thinking of you both lots.
Please give my love to Skip and tell her she is in my thoughts.
Big hugs.

Richie said...

Hi Cranky. What a shock for you both. Nothing prepared me for just how bad Herrad's wound was. We were lucky in ways I appreciate more now reading your last few posts. Our nursing support was excellent and soon as the wound made itself obvious we had an air mattress organised and care regime in place. Never the less it has been a long and very difficult process. It hurts us to hear of you two having to go through the same sort of journey just as we are finally emerging from the swamp. Boredom is going to be a big foe for you. Herrad has been amazing at filling her days but being stuck in bed is horrible. Skip will hate it but she must keep of those pressure spots.
I wish you both all the best and send you my love

Bibliotekaren said...

Cranky - I usually follow your blog quietly. But today I need to say I wish you both the best in the next long days ahead. Take good care.

zoomdoggies said...

Cranky - You're right; Skip's most valuable resource right now is you. Take care.

I'll be screaming on your behalf.

Cranky said...

Herrad - I passed on your love to Skip. Thanks!

Richie - the whole thing is a shock indeed. While I thought the wound was bad enough, realizing it's really only the tip of iceberg is stunning. Excellent insight on the boredom issue. Fortunately, Skip will have the laptop and tv to keep her engaged, and our aide, MW, is great company for her. Thanks for your love and good wishes.

Karen - thanks for emerging and passing along your best. Much appreciated.

Zoom - scream on!