Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm Back!

Over the last 8 months, since I closed the door on posting to this blog, I've often thought that the experiences I was going through, the things happening to Skip or my musings of the moment would be good items for posting here. So, I've decided to get back in the saddle.

So let's bring everyone up to speed on our little family and its current state ...

Skip and I celebrated our 30th year together in August. Yikes! How did that happen? How did we get that old?

Skip's MS is about the same as it was last March, though she says her left hand has gotten worse. Fortunately, she can still feed herself most of the time and manages to do a lot of surfing on her computer. Ruby recovered beautifully from her back surgery last February and dropped 6 pounds (20-25% of her body weight) because we changed how we fed her. She's gotten quite spry. Addy will be 2 at the end of January, so she's a teenager now. Still rambunctious and a barker. Her long hair is just beautiful and I'll have to post some photos so you can see what I mean. In many ways, she reminds me of the dearly departed Sally, with her extreme lovingness to both of us and her total attachment to me. Unlike Sally, though, she has not managed to piss off any skunks and remains unsprayed to date (Sally got sprayed 5 times in her short 4 years of life).

And me? Well, I'm still unemployed. Whenever I stop to think about it, I wonder how I managed to be a caregiver and work a very demanding job for all those years. Because, let's be honest, being a caregiver is a demanding job in and of itself. I know part of it was accomplished by being perenially sleep deprived. And, I pretty much always had a neverending to do list that nagged at me. No longer am I tired and behind on things. Also, I seem to be slowly but surely gaining back all those pounds I lost in my early 40s. Unfortunately, the additional discretionary time in my day hasn't resulted in my getting any exercise. This needs to change.

I've got some stories I want to share so will be posting these in the coming days and weeks. I look forward to writing them and hearing your thoughts on them.


Webster said...

Wow, poor Sally! We had a Cocker Spaniel that got sprayed. That's when we learned that tomato juice doesn't work. The magic potion was Skunk Off! Available at the pet store, thank the Lord. We don't live in the "country" anymore, so that's no longer an issue.

Glad to hear that Skip is holding her own, for the most part. Good luck with those extra pounds.

kmilyun said...

Glad to see you back! Now do not go away so long as updates really don't cover it all now do they :).

Congratulations on the 30!


Peace Be With You said...

Welcome back! Glad you're no longer tired and falling behind.

Achelois said...

Welcome back!

Cranky said...

To all - thanks for your welcoming ntoes! Webster - oh yeah, I found something similar that did the trick. But it took quite a few days for the smell to really die down. I recall the last time it happened, I took her to a groomer to get bathed. that helped a lot.

Lisa Emrich said...

Welcome back!!

Cranky said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm looking forward to blogging again. I've got some new energy for it.