Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I'd like to lose about 75 pounds. I'm trying out the online version, rather than go to the meetings. If it turns out that I feel I'm lacking motivation or falling off the "wagon" using the online version, I'll start going to the meetings, but I'm hoping it'll work out with the online only approach.

Over a 2 year period from 1999-2000, I lost 98 pounds using Weight Watchers. I felt great, was physically active, and enjoyed having a far greater set of clothes options available. Slowly but surely, 75% of those pounds have returned. And they're weighing down this mid-50s body.

The program has the core concept of "points" that you allocate to your food for the day, but the calculation of points has changed quite a bit since I last worked the program, so I'll need to dig in and figure out how it works. This is a good thing for me. The more I dive in and learn, the better the new model will stick with me.

I love to eat but, honestly, I feel I'd rather feel healthier and be more physically fit than eat to my heart's content. Gotta get in shape to make sure I can take care of Skip in the years to come!


kmilyun said...

My pal Chuck is doing the Weight Watchers. I have some app on my phone so I can look points up when we go out to eat. I was surprised because it has the points all figured out for him for many meals on restaurant menus.

Take care and say Hiya to Skip.

Have Myelin? said...

I did Weight Watchers after my son was born but then breastfeeding took care of the rest. It's pretty good.

Now life (stress) takes care of my pounds. LOL.

Cranky said...

Jan - I may have to upgrade to a smartphone!

Sherry - unfortunately, nothing seems to discourage me from eating!

Webster said...

Good Luck - I have a friend who has done well on WW. But she always has to go back to it every couple of years. I think she gets tired of counting.

Happy New Year to you and Skip!!!

Cranky said...

Webster - the counting does get monotonous after a while. My last time I hit a plateau and eventually just got tired of no progress. But, it'll be a long time before I hit a point where monotony sets in.

Happy New Year to you and your husband!

Josie said...

Good luck! I've done both weightwatchers online and with meetings and have had success with both. i'd like to lose some weight myself but since they change the way the points count, ugh. I still count points during my regular day just to see where im at. first week is the hardest but it does get easier.

lightning36 said...

A health scare was enough to make me get "weight religion" -- at least for now. I mostly cut out red meat, lower sodium, ate more raw fruit and veggies, and got off my butt for once and exercised. I can't belive how great this has been. Good luck!

btw -- as a caregiver are you making sure you get adequate time away? One of my brothers is a caregiver for my mom. I am usually his release valve when he needs a break or just needs to get away.

Cranky said...

VJ - if the old program worked for you, then I say use that if you like. I probably would have stayed with the old program, but the new version now has 0 points for fruit and I love fruit. You'd be shocked to know how many blackberries (on sale at Trader Joe's) I've eaten this week!

Lightning - welcome! I lurked on your blog a few times and saw that you'd gotten religion about eating. Glad it's been so successful for you. Your model would pretty much have you fitting in with WW.

I don't really get much "me time." Fortunately, we do have aides for about 18 hours a week, so that gives a bit of a break. A getaway to Foxwoods to play poker (especially Omaha) ... now that would be a great break!