Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Home Stretch

Hard to believe this, but in less than a week, we'll be living in our condo.

As anyone who has ever worked with me knows, I'm a last minute kind of gal. Very deadline-driven. In the case of moving, though, I've been working at it steadily since the house sold. I've had my friend BW helping me. For a few weeks, he came once a week, then twice a week, and now he's here 5 days a week. I'm so lucky to have him. He's the hardest worker I've ever had the pleasure to do this kind of project with. He comes at 8 and stays until 4 and hardly ever stops. He's independent and full of great ideas. My biggest challenge working with him is keeping a few steps ahead in the sorting process so I can have things ready for him to pack.

Up until today, we focused our sorting and packing efforts on things that wouldn't impact Skip's and my day-to-day living. Since I only have BW until Friday and our first moving day is Sunday, I figured I couldn't postpone packing up the kitchen, master bath bedroom any longer.

Up until now, I haven't felt much emotion going through the endless array of stuff needing to be handled. Sheepish at the sheer volume of it all. Confidence as we've steadily worked through it all, knowing we'd be ready in time for the move. A tinge of sadness at all the things I'm saying goodbye to - books I'll never have time to read again, records I'll never listen to again, clothes that no longer fit since I've regained so much of the 100 lbs I lost 10 years ago. Now that I'm packing up dishes and spices and food, emptying out the kitchen, it's really hitting me: very soon, this house will no longer be ours. The home of my youth, the house my parents built, the place where I really became a responsible adult (after we moved back here 23 years ago) ... soon that home will belong to a young family that can't wait to send their kids off to the town's wonderful school system. Funny that packing floss and deodorant and bandaids can be such a sad exercise.

I'm sure the last time I see this house, when I close the door behind me, I'll feel a deep sadness. But I know this move is the right one for us, so that sadness will be tempered by the happiness of moving into our new home, settling in there, and beginning to take advantage of all that Worcester will offer us.


kmilyun said...

You guys are so close to you new home!!! yeah it will be super I just know really I do.

How strange it must be packing it all up and all. We have liver where we do since 1981 or 2? any way I can only imagine how strange it would be to be saying good bye. I still miss the home I grew up in - years after my parents sold it I went by and took a look - funny thing it was a house just the same but - not a home to me.

woo hoo on getting into the new abode soon to be your guys new HOME

Gary said...

Wouldn't suppose your friend would be around on Friday?

Cranky said...

Jan - thanks! I know it'll be great too.

Gary - yes, he will.

lightning36 said...

Was wondering where the heck you were. Glad to see you posting! This all sounds so exciting despite the hard work of moving.

Visiting old houses with many memories is always a great experience. One summer many years ago my brother and I visited our grandmother's old home. We were poking around outside and decided to just ring the doorbell. The current owners were very gracious and welcomed us in. They had recently bought the house and updated many things. It was a wonderful trip back in time.

Several weeks ago I took two of my own children to see the house in which they'd grown up. We have only been out of the house for five years but it seems like we were in it only yesterday. It was touching to hear the kids wax nostalgic about their upbringing.

Best wishes on the move.

Patrick said...

'sadness tempered by happiness' ... amen!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Achelois said...

I know this is childish but I still cannot go past my childhood home without wiping away a secret tear, at 48 I should have gotten over the sentimentality associated with it. You have been so lucky to spend so long at your original family home. I am actually a teeny bit envious. This is the time to move I think for you both, having read your blog for ages now, and my wish for you both is that your new home will be happy and relaxing.
(Once you have gotten over the exhausting part that is)
Take care x

Cranky said...

Light - great stories. It's made me think about how I'll feel driving by this place someday in the future. Of course, it's barely visible from the road, so I won't be able to tell too much about the house.

Patrick - amen is right!

Achelois - I agree, it is the time for us to move. It has been a blessing and a curse to live here. It's a wonderful house, but there's also a certain heavy responsibility associated with owning the family home. For years, I jokingly called it the "velvet prison." Thanks so much for your good wishes.

Muffie said...

As a child, I lived in four different houses, and the moves never affected me much. When I leave this place, it will be wrenching. Good luck with the final preparations.

Marie said...

Even when it is positive, change is so hard! As someone who is inordinately attached to my Craftsman-style 1930's cottage, I can totally sympathize with your sadness. But I hope once you settle into your new home you will fall in love all over again. And of course you and Skip have each other and being together is the most important thing of all, no matter where you are. :)

P.S. Is BW married? Does he have a brother who lives near New Jersey? I really, really need a BW!! lol

Cranky said...

Muff - here's hoping you can stay in your home for a long, long time.

Marie - true that. And, sorry to say, but BW is attached and has no family in your neck of the woods. I see you appreciate what an incredible find he is. I wish I had enough dough for him to keep coming part of every week. Our house would be much cleaner and more organized and the dogs would get wonderful walks with him.

Marie said...

boo hoo hooooo I SO need a BW! sniff sniff

Oh well. *sigh* I am still happy you guys had the benefit of his assistance. :) And I am cheering you on in your move.

Crack open that wine and celebrate! Can't wait to see pictures.