Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Really Here

In the morning, my brother, BW and 2 other strong guys are arriving at 9. Bro and BW are coming in a 24' UHaul truck. They're going to load up almost everything in the house, except for things we need to live here for 2 more days. After we load up, it's off to Worcester for the unloading and initial setup.

All the boxes going tomorrow are staged in the living room upstairs (shown here) and the playroom downstairs

This house has an incredible amount of storage. These built-in pine shelves are in the playroom. The paneling in the room was milled from trees we cut down to clear the lot for the house.

We better not forget the few wine bottles in the cellar. We bought those bottle on a trip to Northern California with my parents 10 years ago. We don't drink much!
Skip and I will sleep in our new home on Tuesday night, just in time to see the Worcester fireworks. Apparently, we'll be able to see them from our condo. We're using Monday to do more prep both in Worcester and here so the place is a bit more settled when Skip and the pups roll into town.

Let the moving begin!


lightning36 said...

Best o' luck for a smooth, trouble-free move.

Webster said...

How fast the time has flown by. I am sure you are tired and ready to be settled in to your new home. I think it would be a good time to open one of those bottles of wine. Many of them don't age as well as they used to. (I hope they are reds.)

Perhaps they would make good movers' gifts!

Josie said...

Wowza, how exciting (and exhausting!) Good luck for an easy move. After all the work is done, you'll get to enjoy your new home. So worth it.

kmilyun said...

Wow it is here your moving can not wait to see pic of the new digs. Marvelous that they are putting on a fireworks show to celebrate your arrival - well yah can pretend right? :)

Cranky said...

light - thanks! First day went very, very well I'm happy to report.

Webster - I'm happy to report those are all big reds from a quality vineyard, so I expect they held up well. but, they're not that good, so it really is time to drink them. I like the idea of giving the wine away to the movers.

Josie - definitely looking forward to the new place when most of the boxes have been dealt with. Of course, also looking forward to getting away by a trip to Foxwoods next Saturday! :-)

Jan - it is marvelous that they're celebrating our arrival with fireworks!