Sunday, July 1, 2012

There's Unpacking to Do!

The main room (LR/DR/Kitchen combo) from our new condo looked at it from 2 different perspectives. You can't tell much about it except we've got lots of windows and lots of boxes.

The move went very smoothly. It was beastly hot, but we had no rain, which is key for a successful move.

Our new washer and dryer is coming in the morning; cable guy arrives in the afternoon. Also, the Surehands representative is coming in the afternoon to assess the possibility of installing the lift in our bedroom ceiling. We should be able to use the equipment we have here in the bedroom today, which will save us mucho dinero, versus having to buy a new motor and track.

I'm hoping to get a fair amount of unpacking done tomorrow afternoon. I need to clear some space in the main room for Skip's wheelchair so she can get around.

And what the hell are we going to call the main room?


Gary said...

>>And what the hell are we going to call the main room?


Webster said...

Pete sounds fine with me, unless Gus works better for you. There's always Bob ... or Matt. Well, you get the idea. :-)

Cranky said...

Brats, both of you!

lightning36 said...

Uh ... after you unpack the army whose stuff is in these pictures, when are you unpacking your own belongings?

Room = front room, living room, great room? How about drawing room?

Patrick said...

Main room(LR/DR/Kitchen combo, when we moved into our custom built house the designer called it a 'great room' but it was all about caregiving space. I could do everything I needed and see Patti at all times.

kmilyun said...

Ok the "Brats" beat me to the obvious first response. You could always go the west wing, east wing . ... LOL

All those windows lots of light!! Awesome.

steve said...

How about Fenway Hall?

Great looking space, Cranky! Love the funky globe pendants.

Congratulations to you and Skip!


Cranky said...

light - I know, it's obscene the amount of stuff we have. And, we've siphoned off tons of stuff to donate and to sell. I know there'll be a second round of culling still to come.

Patrick - I think it will be fun to have Skip around when I'm doing things like cooking. Will probably make it more likely that I'll cook at all.

Jan - the light was a key attraction for me. That room has so much of it.

Steve - those globes are like small versions of the huge globe light we had in our front hall here, so I like how they're different but reminiscent. I just hope the lights never burn out. Of course, in other rooms, the overhead lights are 11 feet up in the air ... those better have 100 yr lightbulbs loaded in! Thanks for the congrats. Hope you're doing well.

Achelois said...

Congratulations on the move to your new home. I adore just adore the amount of light and the numerous pendant lights in the 'family' room. Once you are unpacked with all your familiar possessions around you, can we have more pics please. I don't get out much these days so I just love it when I get to share in other peoples happiness. Ultimately I wish you every happiness in your new home together. All that light is just wonderful and I am absolutely sure the 'family room' will be full of laughter, fun and ultimately prove to make life easier all round. *I say family room because I can't think of anything else, lounge etc sounds so formal. I am off I have written too much already and everyone else here seems to know you personally so I feel a bit of an interloper. So perhaps I should have just said Good Luck in Your New Home!

Cranky said...

Achelois - thank you so much for your comments. And you haven't written too much at all. Most of the folks that post comments are individuals like you - we just exchange comments over time and become friends through this medium only. I do plan to post pics, right now we are completely inundated with boxes, much like in the photos from the post. We should be much cleared out by this time next week.

awb said...

So much light, so open, looks wonderful.