Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pics of the Place

Found my camera and took some pics of our condo the other day. I've omitted the 2 bedrooms. One is still filled with junk in boxes that I am slowly but surely selling off. The other had unmade beds in it.
This is a view of our front door. Our chalkboard is a wonderful device. I add appts there,  have a spot to record random items we need to buy so I don't forget them when making a list, and our punch list of things to do around the house. For Thanksgiving, it was a big help tracking menu items and task lists.

When you come down the hall from the front door, this is the view to the left or our LR/DR/kitchen. You can see our 2 dachshunds relaxing along with my sister's Shih Tzu Dakini who is visiting us. She probably spends about half her time with us and half with my sister. She's much better behaved than our dogs, because my sister actually trained her, though she is prone to bouts of anxiety, especially when there's heavy weather outside.

Take a right past the chalkboard and you enter the large hallway leading to our bedroom. To the left is a little alcove that we've set up with bookshelves on one side and an immense Ikea wardrobe on the other.

The aforementioned wardrobe. This is where we store Skip's chair when she's in bed.

Turning back down the hallway, you can see our main room.

The view of the main room standing at the other end. 


Muffie said...

Love it! So many areas you can see set up as a classroom, but nowadays blackboards and chalk give way to whiteboards and markers. You've done a fantastic job with it -- now, just enjoy!

zoomdoggies said...

Seriously cool condo! The features that they retained from the old building give it character that you just can't get any other way. And accessible for Skip – what's not to like?

Webster said...

What a great place to call home. I LOVE the big chalkboard, and the schoolhouse clock and the tall ceilings and the hardwood floors and all the light coming in from the tall windows, and, and... well you get the idea.

I'm sure the open concept made Thanksgiving at your house a lot more fun,

Anonymous said...

Is there an armadillo in your main room?

Anonymous said...

The armadillo comment was from me!


Cranky said...

Muff, Zoom and Webster - thanks for the glowing comments! We love this place for the reasons you folks mention and more. The character, the accessibility, the space. It's great. And, Webster, you're right, having the openness made it more fun on Thanksgiving since no one was stuck in the kitchen while most folks partied in the LR.

Josie - don't know why you always show up as Anonymous and end up in my spam folder. Yes, there is a small (2'), metal armadillo on the floor beside the tall palm in the last photo. There is a smaller metal armadillo on the island, not sure it really shows up well enough to identify. There are many more of them around the place. Skip is crazy about armadillos!

Patrick said...

looks wonderful and always interesting to peek into the another MS world. Patti has been legally blind for decades as a result we long ago got rid of 'small things' and loose furniture that was not bolted down had to go during the wall walking era because she would fall supporting herself on things like your bar stools. Safety trumps! Care facility era has not basically changed home design because when she is home for dinner or visit she still needs the house to support her. Glad it is working for the two of you.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Cranky said...

thanks, Patrick. It's as you say - every MS home needs to adapt to the particular manifestation of MS the resident has. We've seen many changes just in our own space as Skip's disease progressed. Here's hoping no significant changes are needed anytime soon.