Thursday, April 15, 2010


The May/June 2010 AARP Magazine has an article about Dr. Oz and his 6-month plan for getting healthy. To me, the most interesting month of the 6 was month 4 on managing stress. There's an "Oz Tip" that really resonated with me:
Among the major stressors in our lives are Nagging Unfinished Tasks (NUTs, I call them). Try to identify the NUTs in your life and then resolve to fix them, so they don't become a constant source of anxiety.
This is so true for me, and probably for many other procrastinators as well. I sometimes expend more energy thinking about and stressing about something I'm putting off than it would take just to get the darn thing done. I've understood and acknowledged this about myself for years, but, unfortunately, that didn't result in any behavior changes.

Interestingly, when I read this tip from Dr. Oz, it did result in a behavior change. I got up early on Monday and wrote a document for work that I'd been procrastinating on for a looong time.

Face it, I have enough stress in my life and seeing these NUTs as contributing needlessly to the stress load was just the trigger to prompt action.


thedailydish said...

A wonderful reminder to take life by the horns and just get it done! Thanks Cranky for posting about this - the NUTs in life need not drive us crazy! We've got enough issues already. RIGHT?! Right! :)

Webster said...

That's Great, Cranky! You have one NUT our of the way already! Go, you!

[okay, enough with all the exclamation points already, just sayin']

Webster said...

Also, I can't type worth a shit tonight. Sorry.

Have Myelin? said...

I have pages of NUTs I need to collect, disperse or crack.

I have found it doesn't matter one bit if they don't get done. Unless it's about Medicaid. LOL.

Have Myelin? said...

and I should add, SSDI too! =)

awb said...

The bad 12 year old in me has about 30 one liners about "nuts". The 48 year old is somehow able to hold it in, but I don't know for how long. I have tons to do, getting started is my problem, not so much finishing. Gotta run, 12 year old taking over!


Cranky said...

Dish - I have always admired people who were of the ilk to just "get 'er done." I wish I was like that.

Webster - yes I do have one done. Today I am tackling a couple of them that are person (rather than work-related).

Sherry - I agree that some of them just don't need to be done. So, either I shed them or do them. Otherwise, they nag at me.

Andy - I'm right there with the 12 year old, which helps me remember the acronym, actually. Funny, I am better at starting things and the completion is often my problem.

steve said...

I'm weak. I like to keep two NUTs. No more. No less.