Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skip and Cranky in the 80s

I recently got inspired to start scanning and posting old family photos to Facebook when I saw an old friend had started this on his Facebook account. I found his photos very interesting, especially the ones within one generation. The older ones, not so much, though probably interesting to his immediate family.

I've pulled out all the old family photos my parents have shared with me. I also began pulling together the photos from my youth and that Skip and I have taken over the years. Although my original intent was to scan family photos from prior generations, I have been drawn to the ones that I'm in or that Skip is in. As usual, I am my own favorite subject!

I thought I'd post some snaps from the 3 decades in which Skip and I have been together, the 80s, 90s and the 00s. Too much for one post, so I'm breaking them up over 3.

* * * * * * *
Skip and I met in August 1981. We began living together two weeks later. We were both 25 when we met. In the 80s, we moved 9 times. Each move was to a different apartment until our final move in 1989 when we moved to the house we live in now. Our apartments were in Boston or surrounding cities. We each had a number of job changes, as well. Skip was a systems analyst, a bartender and bar manager and a chef. In 1989, she retired due to her MS. I was a secretary, student, programmer then consultant.

During most of this decade, Skip's symptoms, if she had any, were minor. She loved to golf, so I learned how to play, though I was never good at it. We played with her father, who also wasn't very good at it. Once, we vacationed with Skip's parents at a golf resort in New Hampshire. We loved to take long weekends at bed and breakfast inns in Vermont and go antiquing. We had a good-sized circle of friends and we loved having them over for small dinner parties where we ate a lot of great food and drank a lot of wine. Skip could drive and was very independent, going out and about on her own with regularity.

This photo of me and the one below of Skip were taken in October 1981, on our first weekend trip to Provincetown, MA. It's on the tip of Cape Cod. Wow, so young!

These photos were taken in our last apartment, probably in 1987. Taken by a photographer who was trying to publish a book of photos featuring gay and lesbian couples. The book was never published. Skip is in her classic attire from that era: polo shirt, v-neck sweater vest, jeans and Reebok sneakers. I can't believe how long my hair was.

For our 7th anniversary, we put together a little dinner party at a gay restaurant in Boston. Our roommate took some lovely photos of us before we all headed out to dinner.
In 1989, at our current home, with our first dachshund, Sadie.


Bibliotekaren said...

Love the photos -- am wondering how the trip down memory lane goes for you. And, I see a cat in two photos -- am reassured that you are indeed good people ;)

awb said...

Great pictures, and great smiles! I love old pictures, even if I'm not in them.


steve said...

To the tune of "Don't You Want Me Baby"

I was playing Atari
In a cocktail bar
When I met her
She picked me out
She took a chance
I lost the game
Turned to face the one so near
Now thirty some years on
She's got MS to defeat
Success won't be so easy for her
But don't forget
It's me whose love has got her this far
And I will have her back for sure.

kmilyun said...

Great pics! Many of us heading to the old photo albums lately- memory lane - an emotional journey - always reminds what has been lost AND what is still important - LOVE

Peace Be With You said...

Wonderful photos!

Muffie said...

I love to look at old photos! These are so cool -- thanks for sharing.


zoomdoggies said...

What great pictures! Thank you!

Diane J Standiford said...

Love such trips down memory lane through photos. We both were photographers in our late teens, early 20s---lots of pics. Amazes me how many gay couples break up, they don't realize what they are missing! Shared memories, shared growth and discoveries about each other, nothing else compares. Thanks for sharing with us.

Cranky said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Steve - love the lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cranky - I love this post! The photos are so evocative of your personalities, the fun you were having, the start of your journey together. LOVE IT! I look forward to seeing others. PS: I am so happy to hear how accepting your families were and supportive of your relationship. Love is a gift and I am glad it's been celebrated for you both.

Cranky said...

Dish - I'm glad all that comes through in the photos! And I agree, love is a gift, which we're lucky to have.