Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Right Knee Hurts

I'm concerned about my right knee. An X-ray showed a "bony lump" on it, so my primary care physician recommended an MRI. Got the MRI on Saturday. (Just as an aside - the term "open MRI" is a misnomer. The machine is not open, it's still a donut where your body goes into the hole; it's just that the hole is bigger than a non-open MRI machine.)

On Tuesday, my doc's nurse called to say my doc recommended I see an orthopedist in the next few months to have the probably benign bony lump looked at. That afternoon, I called the UMass Medical center's orthopedics group and got an appointment for this Monday. Surprisingly quick, I thought.

Yesterday, I got in the mail a copy of the MRI write-up. Well, yeah, the bony lump is mentioned, but there's other stuff, too that is bumming me out. Like some issues with the posterior cruciate ligament and a condition called patellar chondromalacia, which is an inflammation behind the knee, with complete or near-complete cartilage loss.

I thought cartilage loss was only for football players and others who played sports for years on end. Apparently, what I've got can happen to older folks who overdo it. Well, also probably to older folks who have been quite fat for most of their lives.

Why did I join a gym? And, when I did, why did I sign up for a trainer who really pushed me? Guess I should have stuck to the treadmill and the stationary bike.

I've read that every pound lost reduces 4 pounds of pressure on your joints. I'm going back to Weight Watchers on Monday evening. There's a WW storefront about a mile from our condo. I'll go to live meetings to help with motivation and accountability.

I'll talk to the orthopedist about safe exercises for now. Guess it'll be upper body, stationary bike and some core strengthening only.

Whine over.


Muffie said...

So many of my friends are having knee problems, and most leave it go until they have to act -- now! You're smart in getting it taken care of right away. Any of your doctors recommended those shots of chicken fat? I had that treatment, and guess worked!

zoomdoggies said...

If your knee hurts, you get to whine. You can tell 'em I said it was OK.

Seriously, I hope you find something that you like to do, that keeps you fit, and doesn't hurt. I don't think gambling counts :)

lightning36 said...

Happy to see you are back blogging. I missed reading your posts. And ... a late happy birthday! It sounds like your AC trips are fun, especially at the craps table.

I likely have a similar issue with knew cartilage based on what my brother told me after visiting a doctor for virtually the same thing. I guess the old knees just weren't made for the years of stress.

Cranky said...

Muff - my mother got chicken shots in her ankle and they worked for her too. We're still in the diagnosis phase, so no treatments have yet been suggested. Thanks for the reminder about the chicken shots.

Zoom - I've set up an appt with my trainer for Tuesday afternoon to work on core and upper body strengthening. I'm sure she'll be able to whip my ass even with those constraints!

Light - thanks for the welcome back and the bday wishes. This aging crap ain't for sissies!

Christine said...