Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Cranky - Laptop Died This Morning

Granted, this laptop has been a piece of %$#$# almost from the outset. I will never buy a Compaq again. It had a problem where it would overheat and shut down if CPU usage cranked too high. At first, this happened only when I was playing poker and had some software running that would track hands and display data about my opponents at the table. Then, it started happening when I was loading CD's into iTunes. Then, I joined Facebook and it seemed to happen frequently when I was logged into Facebook. This morning, I started it up and after about 1 minute of usage, it made a funny noise that immediately said to me "I've died," shut down and it won't restart.

Fortunately, we have an older laptop that still works, though slowly.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the stuff off the harddrive of the dead machine without paying someone hundreds of dollars to do so.


Lisa Emrich said...

My Dell piece of sh*t finally died last year and I thankfully replaced it with something else. But of course I wanted the data, too. Here is what I ended up doing:

1) took the computer apart (requires screw driver and patience)
2) removed the hard drive
3) purchased a hard drive enclosure case (something like this )
4) placed the hard drive in the enclosure and followed directions
5) transferred all desired data from old hard drive to new computer

Voila!! Job done and now you've got a portable hard drive, too.

Cranky said...

So, Lisa, in addition to being a superlative blogger, you can also solve my computer problems!!! This is great! Thanks very much.

Lisa Emrich said...

LOL. You make me blush. I didn't come up with that solution on my own. There was some asking of computer tech friends involved. They suggested the solution, and by golly, it worked!!

Cranky said...

I just called the Geek Squad and got some info on what version of drive enclosure to order. Order placed. Fingers crossed! Thanks again.

Tricia said...

I might have to try getting the drive enclosure thing and see if I can salvage my hard drive as my laptop died just last week. I knew it was going to go though and just hadn't bothered to back up in time (procrastination is a terrible thing). I'm afraid that my hard drive is fried though as it was making horrible squealing noises when it died and the computer will boot up to the point where it needs the operating system and then it dies. The OS is on the hard drive. Maybe I won't bother after all! LOL

Cranky said...

Tricia - just saw your note. The hard drive enclosure can be very cheap. Some as little as $15, so might be worth a try even if it's not a sure thing.

The enclosure worked for me and I've transferred most files from the external drive to the local drive of the laptop I'm now using.