Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Lovely Weekend Was Had By All

Our friends from Ontario were here Friday through early Monday. It was thoroughly enjoyable. More than that, it was great!

On Saturday, we went into Boston with the intention of walking a bit of the Freedom Trail. Our first (and, as it turned out, last) stop was at the Public Gardens where these photos were taken. The weather had turned absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm but not hot. We cruised around in the "Gahdens" (using the local accent). Saw the swan boats. Stopped and fed ducks and geese.

In the Gardens, Skip encountered a couple of issues that prompted a change in plans. First, she was feeling quite weak and began slumping to one side in her chair. Then, her chair battery began showing very low on juice. This was quite odd, as it'd been fine before we left the house. (I have since developed a theory on this. If you drive around quite a bit with the tilt or recline at a fairly significant angle, you appear to chew up juice very quickly. Reduce the amount of tilt/recline and the battery situation instantly improves. Odd.)

We limped back to the "cah," pahked under the Boston Common, and headed back towards the suburbs and home. We thought with the battery problem, we'd pick up take out and head home, not wanting to risk losing all remaining juice while out. However, the battery seemed to recover while en route to Legal Seafoods, so we were able to eat in the restaurant.

Our friends also helped with my "to do" list! We purchased a gazebo on Saturday morning and they proceeded to set it up. In retrospect, with the number of parts and its complexity, had I been left to my own devices, this gazebo would have sat unassembled on the patio for the rest of the summer. Together, they set right to putting it together on Saturday morning whilst I was helping Skip and such. The job was finished on Sunday morning, even to the extent of stringing lights inside for an added touch. We enjoyed it with them on Sunday evening, Skip and one of our friends enjoying Cuban cigars brought from Canada for the occasion. The other two of us staying out of the smoke, enjoying a drink, the company and the lovely evening.

The other highlight of the weekend was a cookout at the home of another couple, whom we love dearly, who had introduced us to the couple that was visiting us. These folks are great hosts, put on a great meal featuring barbecued ribs. Post-barbecue we sat on their deck and laughed and visited.

It was a decidedly uncranky weekend. Lots of laughter, occasionally of the helpless nature. Can't wait for them to come back.


awb said...

The best friends are the ones missed before they are gone. That was like a Hallmark line! But it is true, few things are as enjoyable as good friends. Glad you had a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

Well put Andy. Can't wait to get back down there.

Gazebo building is not for the faint of heart, nor marathon stogie smoking with Skip. My left lung was last seen on the Mass. Pike early Monday morning.

Nice pics Cranky,

Cranky said...

Andy - I agree with L, well put! It was a great weekend.

L - glad to hear you can't wait to come back, the feeling's mutual. I was quite impressed with the amount of cee-gahs you and Skip smoked at D&D's and under the gazebo.

Anonymous said...

FYI for those reading theis blog...the two Canadians in the pic above are not us.