Saturday, May 2, 2009

Awards for Blogs and Bloggers I Enjoy and Admire

Recently, I received an "A Hoy" award from Herrad via Spike and Marleen's World's blog and an "Outstanding Bloggery" award from Andy of Jughead's Baltimore Blog. Thanks to both of them for the kudos! I'm passing these awards on to 5 blogs that I enjoy and admire.

The A Hoy award, per the A Hoy link, is about positive thinking. So, I really appreciate that a "cranky" blog got this award. :-) It has a distinct set of rules for nominations (copied from the A Hoy site):

Rules for Making an Award

1. Pick five blogs that you consider deserve this award based upon any criteria - for example, the quality of the commentary, wit, humour, artwork, overall design, value to you of the information being provided, and so on.

2. The awarding blogger should choose at least two blogs not on his or her own blogroll, the purpose being to encourage variety of reading matter, and to have the person making the award think about what they like to see and read.

3. Your five choices must be published in a dedicated post on your own blog. This post must contain the name of the author (which may be their logon name), and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone. This post should contain brief details of what attracted you to the blog. Details may also be posted in the comments section of "What is a Hoy?"

4. In the same dedicated post, each winner has to show the award and acknowledge the blog that has given him or her the award.

5. Both those awarding and receiving A Hoy must show the link to A Hoy blog, so that everyone will know the origin of this award.

6. When publishing details of the blogs to which you have made your awards, these rules must be published for recipients to follow.

I nominate Anne from Disabled Not Dead. Anne's not on my blogroll because Blogger keeps giving me an error message whenever I add her url to the list. Though she's on vacation right now so on a brief hiatus, I check her site every day for postings. Her writing is excellent and I am interested in what she has to say.

I also nominate PB from Pat's Pond, a site I haven't gotten around to adding to my blogroll, but should. In addition to her excellent writing, I love her photos from her meanderings around the pond.

The Outstanding Bloggery award I pass on to 3 of the blogs in my blogroll.

First, to Joan at A Short in the Cord. I was first drawn by her analogy for MS. Then, the content kept me. I love, also, how she has a period call-in for MS folks on various subjects.

Second, to Diane at A Stellar Life. Smart, angry and posting about a variety of things, both personal and informative. I always am glad to see when there's a new post from Diane.

Third, to Lisa at Brass and Ivory, whose blog I find amazing. How does she do it all, I ask myself? The blog is a combination of subject matter expertise postings, personal stuff and a highly useful directory of others who blog about MS.

Shout outs to all of you who have made my browsing through the interwebs enjoyable, challenging and educational.


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Great choices.
Just came by to say hello.
Have a good Sunday.


Joan said...

Aw shucks, Cranky, I appreciate this very much!

Cranky said...

Herrad - thanks!

Joan - glad you do. I really enjoy your blog.

pb said...

Thanks for the kudos. Your blog is now making a great read, too!