Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Early Mornings Around My House

I love early mornings. Times like right now (it's 6:24am ET).

I got up around 5:40, before the alarm went off. Took the pups out. Gave them their morning treats. Made coffee.

It's a nice morning outside, a bit cool and not humid, so I opened a few doors to let in some fresh air.

Now, I'm sitting on the couch. Just finished my first cup of coffee. Ruby has come up and joined me here, as she does every morning.

Soon, the day will start in earnest. It's Tuesday, and just like every Tuesday, I have an 8am conference call. And, the trash gets picked up at 10, so I have to get that taken care of before then. Skip will want pills soon, and so I'll have to get those all set up. The work demands, the home demands, they'll begin shortly.

But right now. Sitting here in the early morning light, Ruby quietly snoring beside me, I have a bit of time just for me. How great is that?


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Sounds a good way to wake up and get aquainted with the new day.

Hope the rest of the day is g0ood too


Cranky said...

Harrad - thanks for stopping by. Well, the work day was pretty hectic, so I was especially pleased that I'd had some time to "chill" in the morning.

Anonymous said...

My favourite time of day is by the window with my coffee cup and my two little guys snoring by my side! We need to enjoy these moments!

harkoo said...

I can see why you need some of your "own time" I am sure Skip would wish that for you too...

Cranky said...

Rain - nothing like hot coffee and dogs that snore!

Harkoo - thanks! I definitely need this time. It's key for my mental health.