Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Baby's Under the Weather

Skip's caught a cold or is reacting to the heavy layer of pollen we have laying over everything. I feel a sickness like this is adding insult to injury, where she's already so impacted by her MS.

Skip's congested, pretty noisy when she's sleeping, feels more under the weather than usual. She's been feeling very weak as well, with her hands less effective than normal. She's been a bit sleepy and a bit out of it, which I'm chalking up to her cold medicine (it's something new we hadn't tried before because the local drug store doesn't have much in the way of cold meds this time of year ... mostly sinus/allergy drugs). I walked into the living room after wrapping up work for the day and she was asleep in her wheelchair. It took quite a bit to rouse her (she's a fairly light sleeper, so typically a normal-voiced "Skip" would have awoken her). After calling out to her a number of times didn't work, I went over and touched her hands, that didn't work. Then, touching her face got her attention. When she did wake up, she was a bit fuzzy for a little bit. Fortunately, she returned to her normal, sparky self by dinner time.

I worry a bit at times like this. You tell yourself it's the cold medicine that's having this effect, which is logical. But, with all the horrible things that MS does to a person, what if some of what's happening is MS-related?

I look forward to discontinuing the cold pills as soon as she starts to feel on the mend.


steve said...

BR reacts similarly to most infections. Stirring up the immune system seems to trigger an MS flair-up.

Hope Skip gets better soon.

awb said...

Any change in anything, even the weather, and I feel it. Funny you mentioned the hands, they are the first to go for me when I'm not feeling well.

Tell Skip I hope she shakes this off and is smoking cigars in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cranky, I felt your fear in your words. I sincerely hope Skip gets over the cold very soon so she can stop taking the cold medication. I hate taking that stuff, it zonks me out too.

Lisa Emrich said...

I agree with not enjoying cold medicine. However, after my PCP prescribed me some Flonase for allergies I haven't had nearly the problems with sinuses and summer colds.

I hope that this is something which will pass soon and the Skip will be more sparky more of the time than now.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Sorry to hear Skip has a cold hope she shakes it off soon.



Cranky said...

Thanks to all for your well wishes concerning Skip. I passed them on and she was quite pleased to hear them. She is definitely feeling sparkier this afternoon and even went out for a few hours to smoke cigars and read on the patio. A bit cool here but sunny for the first time in days.

She hasn't asked for a cold tab since 7:30 this morning when I gave her a.m. pills, so she's emerging from their influence as well.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

Have a good day.



Glad Skip is feeling better please pass my best wishes to her.