Friday, June 12, 2009

Pics of the Pups

It's clear from the bloggers I read that our pets do so much for us. They give us such unconditional love. And, we can take delight in their interactions with us and each other. In an exchange with Herrad on her blog earlier today, she asked if I'd post some more pics of our pups, too. How could I resist showing them off?

Sally and Ruby are asleep beside me on the couch as I write this. Whenever you pet Ruby, she makes the most wonderful happy grunts. She has the softest belly of any dog I've ever met. Sally has me completely wrapped around her paws ... I am absolutely helpless to resist her sweet ways.

We're lucky that Skip's aide, MW, is crazy about photographing the pups. All these snaps were taken by her.


Stephany said...

Hi Cranky, I've read your comments at Herrad's blog for a while and saw that you have received the outstanding bloggery award! if you would like to get to know the dog in that photo on the award for fun, you can read his blog, "serendipity dog" linked on my side bar!

It's my husky and he has epilepsy, and is going strong!

Also, if you click on the award on my blog it will take you to the award creator's blog. :)

steve said...

Puparazzi pics. I love them! I'm forwarding them to Perez Hilton with captions like "Sally and Ruby caught in near 69."

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet! Two dogs is always better than one don't you think? Lovely! My Spencer makes the "happy grunt noises" too when I rub his belly!!! Winston almost gurgles when I scratch behind his ears! They really do enhance our lives, our pets are so special!

awb said...

Hey Cranky,

My daughter wants me to get a dog as a companion, I'm not sure if it's for me, or her? I told her we would, if I could name it dog. She's 21 by the way, not 12, so it wasn't an automatic yes.


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Thanks these are adsorable photos.

Sally and Ruby are sweethearts.

Have a good weekend.



Cranky said...

Stephany - Koda is beautiful! Glad to see he's managing so well with his epilepsy. Thanks for letting me know about the dog in the award.

Steve - the puparazzi are everywhere around our house trying to catch site of Sally and Ruby. They can often be snapped when out keeping Skip and MW company while the two humans smoke cigars on the patio.

Rain - you are right, two dogs are better than one. We'd always been a one dog family until a friend of ours let us know that Ruby loved playing with their black lab when Ruby was at their house while we were on vacation. We got Sally shortly thereafter.

Andy - it won't surprise you to hear me agree that your "yes" to getting a dog is a great idea. Since your daughter is 21, you may want to clarify who will keep the pup once she sets up her own home. :-)

Herrad - thanks for the compliment on the photos. MW (Skip's aide) is crazy about the girls and has snapped hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. I'm not much inclined to get out the camera, so we're lucky she is.

Anonymous said...

Ah,once again I see how quickly a pup can warm my heart.
I came by way of Herrad. Congrats on your award & I love the title of your blog. ~Mary

Cranky said...

Mary - thanks for the congrats. Glad you like the title. I'm pretty happy with it, too. :-)