Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heading Out in the Morning

Flying out tomorrow morning for the short business trip I mentioned recently. We've got arrangements set for MW to stay overnight with Skip and handle most of the caregiving activities. Both Wednesday and Thursday morning, an aide from an agency will come in for a few hours and handle the more heavy-duty aide activities. Fortunately, Skip knows both of the women who will be coming for the morning stuff, which will make her more comfortable.

It will be odd for me to be traveling on business. Where I used to be on the road every other week for months at a time, I haven't traveled for work since August 2008. Over 10 months. I'm sure the long gap since the last trip is contributing to Skip's nervousness. She's just plain out of practice handling my being away.

I am hoping the trip plays out the same way most business trips have in the past:
  • Skip finds out she's capable of doing more than she gives herself credit for. It makes her feel better about herself.
  • She also has reinforced for her how much I actually do day in and day out, and it renews her appreciation for me.
  • Skip really enjoys MW's company and they'll have a great time together.
  • I know Skip is in good hands and will have minimal worries about her while I'm away.
  • I will get a short break from caregiving activities, which is always a pleasant respite.

I think the progression of Skip's MS will make the appreciation of her own capabilities a bit less rewarding this trip than in the past. But, as I write this, I realize that "capabilities" aren't always about physical abilities. She has a very organized approach for the mornings, to ensure all is in order before the agency aide arrives and everything goes off without a hitch when the aide is here. She'll be managing all that for the next few days.

At least I'll be leaving the gloomy, cold weather here and heading to Charlotte, North Carolina, where it's been beastly hot. I'm tired of chamois shirts and always feeling a bit chilly.


awb said...

I'm sure everything will go off without a hitch, hopefully it will be good for both of you. Why anyone would look forward to traveling from the nice cool north, into the hot humid south is beyond me. Have fun,


steve said...

I spent the summer of '88 in Charlotte as an intern at IBM. Beautiful city. It'll warm your cockles, alright. I couldn't afford to run the A/C in my furnished apartment, so I would lay very still on the sofa with a box fan blowing directly on me every evening.

You're both two weeks too late and too early, for the free movie in Freedom Park. I saw Bringing Up Baby there that summer. What a great movie, and a great park.

Alive after Five was always a fun Thursday Happy Hour, too.

OK. What's weirder? That I can still remember these happenings, or that they are still happening 21 years later?

Anonymous said...

Have a great break and trip. It is always nice to get away - even if it is for business.


Cranky said...

Andy - yeah, normally late June in Charlotte wouldn't be tops on my list of destinations due to the heat. But it's been so cold in the greater Boston area I was anxious for some warmth.

Steve - no a/c in the summer in Charlotte? Yikes! I saw Bringing Up Baby many years ago, too, and loved it as well. I think Hepburn and Grant had great chemistry. I'm not normally too big a fan of slapstick humor (as in I hate I Love Lucy), but I did like in Baby. Not weird that you remember it.

Anne - you're right, it is good to get away. I know it hits Skip hard, so that's my only real concern.