Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cranky Reason #3: It's a Habit

Reason #3: because it's what I do. When I get overwhelmed or have too many conflicting demands, or frustrated or, frankly, whatever, I choose to be cranky. Some requests that might be easily handled when i'm in a little better frame of mind get a bad reaction because it's easy and lazy.

De-cranky strategy: Honestly, I think this will be the hardest reason to break. It's like my brain has a burned-in pathway to the cranky reaction and that's one hard pathway to reprogram. This blog, where I'm thinking more about the "whys" of what I do, is probably the best strategy for getting out of this nasty habit. Conscious thought about behaviors is, for me, the best way to recognize the stupid or non-productive things I'm doing and help me seek alternatives.

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