Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Not Always Cranky

In fact, I have a pretty positive outlook on life and feel very lucky overall. Privileged is how I often describe my life, and I'd say it's quite accurate.

The last year has really put my attitude to the test. It wasn't just the daily demands of caregiving, of course. The super-sized recession, market meltdown, concerns about my job (surviving two rounds of layoffs) all created stress and impacted my perspective, legitimately so.

But, I do still have a job, and one that brings some measure of professional and monetary satisfaction. I won't retire as early as I thought I would, but I will someday. We have leadership in this country now that I can respect and I think we're on the right track for the economy to come back, though slowly.

At present, I'm working on bolstering up my positive attitude so it's with me more often than it's not. Some of the things that are helping:
  • Trying to take better care of myself by healthy eating
  • Recognizing I can't control everything
  • Trying not to be too sensitive

One final note ... this post is sort of ironic for me right now. I started writing it the other day and decided to finish it up this morning. Well, I've been a cranky bitch all morning. Happily, writing this post has helped me to come out of that cranky pit. Yay!

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