Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Not Always Cranky: Savor the Small Stuff

I realized my first post on this subject was very general, focused on the "macro" rather than the more "micro," or day-to-day, reality.

Our lives really center around our home. I work at home, as I've mentioned, so I'm here ALL the time. Skip generally leaves the house only once a week on average. Fortunately, we have a lovely house that is set up pretty well for a wheelchair user.

Skip is generally a good-natured person who, despite all the damage of MS, maintains a very positive attitude most of the time. We love to sing to each other, to the dogs, to the air. Lots of singing in the house throughout the morning (especially when I don't have a conference call going). The songs are just nonsense about whatever is currently going on; sung to the melody of a few specific songs, such as "Winter Wonderland." When I'm not displaying some of the crankiness this blog talks about, we get along very well and love each other's company. Even after all these years, she's the person I most want to spend my time with.

The dogs add so much joy to our lives. Total and utter love given by them and to them. They love to be with us and with each other. But, they have very different interests. Sally is totally focused on the creatures outdoors, having certain spots in the house to spy them. In the warmer weather, she is constantly at the kitchen door asking to go out to try her hand at squirrel chasing. Ruby is a total couch potato all day, looking for things to eat and chew but otherwise relaxing in her bed next to Skip's wheelchair. At bedtime, she comes to life, picking a toy for us to throw during our evening "get Skip into bed" routine.

Lots of love in the house. And, isn't that what it's all about ... giving and receiving love?

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