Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Post

Well, here I go. I've been thinking about blogging for a while. Why?
  • As a caregiver to my wife with MS, I've faced a lot of different challenges and met them all with various degrees of success. What we've found out and how we've handled things may help others.
  • I process information and think things through out loud, either by talking or writing. There's a lot of crap going on in my life now and over the last year that I need to think through. This blog is going to include some of that.
  • Despite a full-time job and full-time caregiving responsibilites, I actually have a good amount of free time. Doing this helps avoid that to-do list!
  • I've scanned around the web for caregiving stuff that I found useful. Nothing really sang to me; maybe that's the case for you. Hoping this strikes a chord with you.


steve said...

Moderate this! :-)

Fall in New England. Beautiful and noisy.

Cranky said...

Thanks for giving my comment moderation on older posts a trial. Worked like a charm!