Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calming Force (CF)

I write a lot about the cranky side of caregiving, but there's a bigger, loving side to it that deserves mention here and there. After all, if I didn't love Skip and she didn't love me, why would we be in this caregiving/caregivee situation?

One of the loving things I can do for Skip is help to calm her nerves. She does tend to get nervous about things and looks to me to help be her Calming Force. In fact, it happens frequently enough, that we have a shorthand term, "CF." Often, when we're going to be heading out Skip gets nervous, worrying about the bad things that might happen. MS is such a terrible disease. All the things it screws up in your body just help to sap your confidence and feelings of security when you leave the safe confines of your home.

How do I calm her down? Basically, I'm certain we can deal with whatever happens, and can assure her of this with confidence. It might suck if whatever's she's worried about happens, but if it does, we'll just deal with it, and we have.

It makes me feel great when I know that I can care for not just her physical needs, but her mental needs, too. After I've helped her calm down about whatever's got her nerved up, and she calls me her "CF," I'm happy.

It helps to make up for some of that crankiness she has to put up with.

Note: just read this post to Skip and it gets her seal of approval!


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

You are both doing so very well.
Have a good friday.
ps cuddles for the dogs

Cranky said...

Herrad - we try! Dogs are right beside me on the couch, I gave them an extra hug. Hope it's calmed down in Amsterdam. You have a good Friday, too.

Andy said...

Anyone can do the physical side, if we are lucky, we find someone who can do the emotional. If we are exeedingly lucky, we get both in one person. I did, and looks like Skip did too, just proves there are all kinds of luck.


Cranky said...

Thanks, Andy. Skip is lucky sometimes, sometimes, not so much.