Friday, July 3, 2009


Feelings of contentment, a wonderful sense of well-being and that everything is right with the world don't happen for me too often. Spent much of this morning feeling that way, though, and I was able to keep it all in perspective, enjoying feelings of happiness.

Slept late, a bit uncharacteristically. Got up and was going through the usual routines. It was when Skip called to get up and I went into the bedroom that the wonderful feelings flooded over me. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary that caused it, just an unpressured moment to appreciate our routines, our great little family unit of 2 dogs and 2 people, and the prospect of 3 days together with no work (long weekend due to Independence Day holiday).

The good feelings continue on. I'm not doing anything special, just enjoying my fellow bloggers, some breakfast, doing laundry, chatting with a great friend who just returned from vacation in Hawaii, making plans for a cookout tomorrow. Skip has an aide coming for a leg massage, I'll be doing a bit of yard work, she'll sit on the patio for a smoke, I'll run a few errands. As I said, nothing special, but I'm anticipating the day with great pleasure. I'm happy.

I'm hoping you're having a wonderful day wherever you are, whatever you're doing.


awb said...

It's great to hear when others have good days, makes me think there is hope for the world when I see others enjoying simple pleasures. I hope it was a great day, and that tomorrow is even better.

Cranky said...

Andy - thanks, it was a great day. After the leg massage for Skip and my errands running, we thought it might rain (again). But, we got only a few sprinkles. so Skip got a good smoke in and I got some weeding done.

Hoping today is a great one for you.

Anonymous said...

Cranky, that is so nice to read! Even your tone and the words you chose have brought me a feeling of happy! Enjoy your long weekend, Happy 4th of July!!!

Cranky said...

Rain - oh definitely happy. So far so good on enjoying the long weekend. Thanks!