Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Freakin' Out!

Warning: whining below.

I hit the wall today. Really hit it.

Pressure's climbing at work. Have a to do list that doesn't seem to be getting any shorter. Trying to cross a bunch of stuff off of it before vacation begins in a week and a half. On top of that, a small layoff occurred today and there are rumors of more next week (which seems crazy, you'd think they would all occur on the same day to get us past them). Two people that were laid off worked on projects for my client, so we have to staff those roles quickly.

Stuff around the house is pretty much status quo, but I've found my motivation for the regular chores is pretty low. Clothes are sitting in the dryer waiting to be folded, clean dishes aren't getting emptied too quickly.

Sleeping is quirky. Sleeping on the couch for a bit before bed then can't sleep when I get into bed. Have to get up and read or use the computer for a while before I get sleepy enough to drift off for the night.

The capper today came with monsoon-heavy rains (well, at least I assumed they were monsoon-heavy having never experienced monsoon season). Water started coming into the basement through the window well. Minimal water, but a stressor because we had a huge flood last summer, flooding about 1000 square feet downstairs, causing some damage and costing lots of money to have cleaned up.

The problem with the window well took me down the path thinking of possible corrective measures. We have 10 days until vacation in Maine, with only 2 weekend days in those 10. One of those will be a trip to see my parents. Can I get the fix in on the only weekend day available? If not, will my temporary fix hold for 2 weeks while we're gone? And so on ....

It all crashed down on me. I just felt totally and utterly overwhelmed.

Regaining a sense of normalcy this evening. Got the dishwasher emptied, dirty dishes loaded. Folded the clothes in the dryer. Got a couple items crossed off the work to do list. Relaxed a bit. It started raining again and saw with some satisfaction that my temporary solution is working well.

Okay, whining done.


Anonymous said...

Vacation can really mess up the routine. Here's hoping things start falling into place. The monsoon has reached us here in Maine.

Hang in there bud! Don't get too cranky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cranky! Oh my gosh, you could have described my days lately, except the flooding (no basement in the cottage!)...whine away, you have to let it out! I find that things get too overwhelming too sometimes, and I'm not even working...for me it's more of a mental overwhelming where the dishes pile up, so do my clothes on the sofa instead of in the drawers...I know that feeling. I'm glad you were able to relax!

steve said...

The overfull plate is a sure-fire recipe for crankiness around here. I need to remember to schedule myself at a consistent 50%-80%, and enjoy the downtime when it happens. Instead I'm either 100% steve time, or 100% work/bob time, which leaves no room for those surprise tasks.

Cranky said...

L&M - thanks for your note! Hope your vacation is going well despite "monsoon on a motorcycle." Talk with you soon. Hope you're considering a second trip to Maine later this month!

Rain - the whining felt good, I must admit. It was part of what helped me feel better.

Steve - I'm hoping the presence of your niece through the summer will help keeping it from hitting 100% work/BR time.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Things can get overwhelming so
good to ventilate your feelings you need to do that to keep sane.

Then take your list and do it one at a time, they will be less overwhelming.

Sounds like you were doing this by the end of your post.

It is good how writing about it really does help.

Hope you had a good day with your parents and you and Skip have a great Sunday.