Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Hopes

We leave for vacation on Saturday. We're spending two weeks in Maine at a house on a lake. There will be six of us in the group.

I'm anticipating a wonderful time will be had by all. We've traveled with 3 of the other 4 women in the group, so know we're compatible travelers. I'm hoping we've emerged from the continuous rain and clouds that has been the dominant weather pattern here since Memorial Day (end of May) until late last week. This way, we'll have most days where we can relax by the water, rather than spend too many days doing rainy day activities such as Wii or shopping.

Skip is planning on getting some time in the water. She hasn't been "swimming" in about 4 years and I think vacillates between excitement and terror at the prospect of getting into the water. Our last experience with it was very fun for her, so I'm hoping it all goes well and she gets to stick her head in the water (she has mask and snorkel purchased) to observe a slice of life in the lake.

One reason I purchased the patient lifter I wrote about recently was to get Skip in and out of the water. Like all new things we attempt, I expect the first time using the patient lifter (with sling) will not go perfectly. I'm hoping we'll have plenty of opportunity while there to perfect the entry/exit from the water. A lot depends upon the lay of the land, the terrain at the water's edge, so we'll have to figure it out when we get there.

We haven't taken a vacation like this in our 27 years together. Before, we've always stayed in hotels or in staterooms on cruise ships. I'm very much looking forward to the more relaxed situation this house will give us. No need to get up and dressed and ready for the day before getting breakfast in some restaurant. Or paying top dollar for room service if things are jelling slowly in the morning. The place we're staying will be an integral part of the vacation, rather than a convenient place to hang our hats so we can head out to shop, gamble or sightsee (the three primary activities while on previous vacations).

I'm sure Skip will get itchy feet and want to head our for some shopping excursions. And, she loves the ocean, so I expect we'll have a drive or two along the coastline; we're only about 30 minutes, I'd estimate, from the ocean. In my limited experience, most Maine beaches I've seen are rocky rather than sandy, so not sure if we'll happen upon a spot with a firm boardwalk where she'll be able to get close to the water in her wheelchair.

I'm not much of a drinker, but when I do drink, I love beer with oomph and black russians. I'm expecting I'll partake of both a bit. I know we'll eat well in Maine. One of our friends was a chef who had her own restaurant for a number of years, so she can be counted on for great meals. But, we won't make her do all the cooking! I'm looking forward to doing some cooking as well. Cooking for an appreciative group, with others to join in the prep, will be a lot of fun.

Skip loves to smoke cigars. We've got a good supply to bring with us. I'm sure she'll have great fun sitting by the water smoking. (I just have to stay upwind.)

I know we'll have some challenges there. How will the bathroom be set up? What will we need to modify in our routines to deal with its layout? How will the patient lifter work for getting Skip out of bed, into the shower and the like? I'm anticipating we'll get all the solutions and new routines worked out the first few days so we can settle into a lovely couple of weeks. It will require some flexibility on our parts, but should payoff with a great dividend: a wonderful and relaxing vacation.


awb said...

Sounds like a trip I'd like to be a stowaway for! I hope you and Skip have a blast sitting by the water, just being i the world. Can you practice with a volunteer with the lifter so the awkward "firsties" are out of the way before you go? It's great to just get away.

barrie said...

My hope is that all your hopes come true - except for the ones about things being difficult - I HOPE those are never realized :-)

Cranky said...

Andy - I think your idea about the test drive with someone able-bodied in the lifter has some merit. Giving it careful consideration ... wondering who will be the guinea pig?

Barrie - long time no see! Hope all is well. And, thanks very much for your good wishes.

Anonymous said...

I'll do it! I'll be the guinea pig!! Do you think it would hold me.

Wish we were going to Maine and then I would snorkel with Skip.

Have fun! We'll be thinking of you all. We had pretty good weather last week in Maine, even ate some lobster near your destination. Lovely area.


Cranky said...

L - yes, the lifter and sling couldn't certainly support you! Come on down!

I wish you were coming to Maine as well. Skip would love to snorkel with you, too.

Hmmmm .... lobster ... I don't typically care much about it, but Skip loves it. Now, crab cakes, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, crab cakes.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Have a brilliant holiday.


Cranky said...

Herrad - thanks for your good wishes!

harkoo said...

You two have a wonderful time up here...I will look forward to hearing about your trip...clam cakes are my love too....

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

Hope the weather is excellent for your time on holiday.