Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ham It Up

We have no particular plans this Easter weekend. Well, I have a few small chores on the to do list, but not much else on the docket. The weather forecast is for mild, early Spring weather with no rain expected. (This is a huge relief as we've had 14" of rain in March ... the normal average for the month is 4".)

If it's mild enough, I'm going to get Skip to come out and keep me company while I attempt to get some ground cover planted in the front yard. It's my latest attempt to solve the problem of covering the bare earth.

On Sunday, I'll cook a ham. A small, quarter ham since it's just for the two of us. I love the ease of the spiral-sliced ham for carving and serving, though the meat is drier as a result. For Sunday, I think we'll have asparagus and scalloped potatoes with the ham. After a few meals with the ham, I'll use the bone for a split pea soup. To me, homemade split pea soup is one of the best soups on earth and ridiculously easy to make.

Here's hoping we have a wonderful, peaceful weekend. Hoping that for you, too.


Have Myelin? said...

OOOooo! Split pea soup! I love it with cornbread! I'm gonna ask Alex to make me some.

I have never cooked for that man. I'm scared to cook for a Chef, LOL.

Cranky said...

Sherry - Skip was a chef before her MS advanced enough to make it impossible. I loved having her cook at home during her chef days. Before then, I did most of the cooking. We have occasionally tried to have me cook one of her specialties from her professional days. It was never pretty; suffice it to say, I don't take advice or instruction too well! :-)

One of our dearest friends was a chef and owned her own restaurant. She loves to have people cook for her and is always wonderful in showing her appreciation. I suspect Alex would be the same way.

Diane J Standiford said...

Easter? Time flies. PEA SOUP YUMMMM MEEEE I'll stop by around noon.