Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loving Works Better Than Crankiness

I know it sounds like blasphemy that I'm suggesting a different approach than crankiness, but I'm doing it anyway. I was getting tired of myself, with my crankiness and ill temper. It was sinking me deeper into the depths. More importantly, I realized how much of an effect it was having on Skip. She was growing more and more unhappy, confined to her bed with me as her main source of human contact. And that human contact was, frankly, an unhappy crank.

So we're both making an effort to be loving. I'm responding to requests with more openness, rather than a put-upon perspective at the first hint of a new task. Skip is showing more appreciation and acknowledgment so I feel more loved.

We're in this together. For a few weeks, we've been individuals unhappily existing in the same sphere. Now, we're reforging our partnership. We're definitely in this together and need to make sure we're building each other up, caring for each other in this highly demanding life we lead.


awb said...

I wish you both the best, hopefully your new way of interacting will work for both you. It would be hard for me to change, I've just gotten my whine properly aged.


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Good luck with your new aproach.
So hope it works for you both.
Big hug.

Cranky said...

Andy and Herrad - thanks for your good wishes. For me, I just needed to snap out of the funk I was in and get back a bit of my old self.

steve said...

It's easy to forget that the person we care for can still be someone we can lean on.

When's your next outing to see your parents? Spring on the cape has to be beautiful.

Cranky said...

Steve - so true. I'm thinking about a drive down next weekend, in fact. Haven't seen my parents since before Skip got out of the hospital. They miss seeing my smiling face. :-) And, I enjoy visits with them as well.

Diane J Standiford said...

Good news. We have never been cranky, and I don't know why. Plenty of opportunities. Maybe it is because we are so alone, there was no one else to support or love us.

Cranky said...

Diane - perhaps it runs in the family. My mom is quite prone to crankiness.