Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skipping Out and About

Yesterday was a milestone day for Skip, as it was her first time out of the house for something other than a doctor's appointment since getting home on January 14th. As you can see from the photo below, she was long overdue for a haircut.

After the haircut, we had some extra time before Skip's aide was due at the house. Skip felt good and the weather was sunny and warm, a wonderful early spring day. So, we headed off to a spot we used to love going to for breakfast, hoping they'd still be serving it at mid-afternoon. Fortunately, they were and Skip had a version of eggs benedict and I had poached eggs on hash. It was so great to be at a restaurant and look across the table to see Skip. That hadn't happened in far too long.

The only sad moment of the trip was coming home and being greeted by only one pup. Ruby was happy to see us, but we miss the jumping and exuberance of the lovely, departed Sally. I was probably projecting my own feelings on Ruby, but she did seem a bit subdued and sad when I let her out of the crate she and Sally shared when we left them home alone.

Skip's a good sport to have let me take this photo!

We're ready to head out to the hairdressers ...

Ruby taking it all in from the vantage of Skip's vacated bed

I took this photo to show Skip's newly shorn head, not realizing the shadow obscured the 'do. D'oh!

Order placed, just waiting for the eggs benedict


Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Lovely post and photos, nice to read you had a pleasant outing.

zoomdoggies said...

Skip must've felt like she was sprung from jail! A new hair cut, eggs Benedict -- she must feel like a new woman. I'm glad to hear it.

Of course, now I've got eggs Benedict on the brain...

Anonymous said...

Looking Good! What a special day.
Thanks for sharing!

Cranky said...

Thanks for your notes! Much appreciated.

Sunday was also a good day for Skip as the weather was so warm, she and MW went out on the patio and smoked a cigar. I'd have taken the long hiatus as an opportunity to quit, but Skip was anxious to smoke a stogie!

Anonymous said...

Good news, things are getting back to normal around there! She must have been dying for a Stogie. I have abstained in her honour. Glad I can get back at it too.

How has the shade faired?


Cranky said...

L - the canopy has not caved in to rain or heavy snow. However, on the first snowfall of the year, the armatures were bent a bit, so water can now pool on the roof in about 4 spots.

Enjoy your stogies, after all you can get Cubans there in Canada, eh?

steve said...

Who can be cranky in the presence of such lovely ladies? Glad you made it out to a salon. I can officially take you off my flowbee prayer list.

Herrad said...

Please come by my blog and pick up your Beautiful Blogger Award.

Cranky said...

Steve - do you have others on the flowbee prayer list? Skip looks so much more like herself with her hair cut short. And, it cuts down on the major bedhead she had.

Herrad - thank you for thinking of me. Much appreciated!

Diane J Standiford said...

Skip looks so happy. Ah, what a relief. Love the new do (maybe because I had mine cut the same yesterday?) Ruby is feeling the loss of Sally, but she will, as you mentioned above, gain new joys---the bed spot, the extra love (at least untill the new baby comes.)---What a happy post!

Cranky said...

Diane - Skip was so happy, you are definitely right. It was great for her to get out and feel human again.