Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to Cape Cod

I'm heading down to Cape Cod today to visit my parents. It's a two-hour drive each way. The typical schedule, when I used to drive down every other week (not since Skip went into the hospital), is to leave here around 1pm, get down around 3. I do a few things to help out with bill paying and such. We'll have a nice dinner together. I leave around 8pm and get home around 10. I always enjoy visiting with my parents and they love me visiting, too.

Meanwhile, back at the house, MW will come over and spend the day with Skip. In good weather, they'll sit out on the patio and smoke and chat. MW will grill something for their dinner. They'll have an excellent time. We've planned that I'll get Skip up and out of bed, settled in her wheelchair, before I head out. MW can transfer her back into bed if and when she gets tired out.

Today, the weather is expected to hit the low 70s F and the sun is shining brightly. The iPod is charged and ready. Should be a wonderful day for a drive.


kmilyun said...

Enjoy the trip, the tunes, and time with the folks.

What type of music did you load onto the ipod? Just curious - snoopy minds want to know LOL

zoomdoggies said...

Sounds lovely. I hope you had a great day and a nice visit.

I'm with Jan -- what was on your iPod? Nosy blogger buddies want to know...

Cranky said...

Jan and Zoomer - it was a very nice visit with my parents, very glad I went. Your questions re iPod have prompted me to write a post about it.