Monday, February 6, 2012

Feeling Good Monday #3

Despite the Pats losing yesterday's Superbowl, it's still a "feel good" Monday here.
  • In Massachusetts, your septic system needs a "Title 5" inspection before you can sell it. Ours happened this morning and it passed. The realtors were over this afternoon to review their market analysis with me and were delighted to hear this. They then shared a number of horror stories of homes that required septic system modifications costing thousands of dollars to pass ($20,000 was mentioned in one instance). Phew! That was one big bullet we dodged.
  • I'm pretty charged up with the project of house prepping pre-listing. I'm excited about how great the house will be when we're done decluttering and doing a few low cost projects.
  • I've expanded the amount of space rented for selling antiques, furniture and flea market-type stuff. This will be a great way to unload some of the crap we've accumulated over the last 22 years.
  • Opening day is less than 2 months away. It'll be here before we know it.
Enjoy your week!


Josie said...

Feeling Good Monday can kiss my....alright, I don't want to bring you down to my bad mood. You're right, it'll be baseball season before we know it. GL with the house.

Cranky said...

VJ - ya, I know, last night's game was bad, bad, bad. But, fortunately, it's just a game and there'll be many more games. I'd be in a bad mood, too, if I had to spend that game (and before) with a dozen loud guys, most of whom I didn't like. Bummer!

Muffie said...

Cranky, Sorry about the Pats. Good luck with preparing the house. Hey,spring training is right around the corner!!

Cranky said...

Muff - no worries on the Pats. It was a frustrating game, but it's over. And, I'll be bitching about the Red Sox soon enough! :-)

kmilyun said...

I am with you on the game. Hope your house selling continues on without any hitches.

I can not imagine if we were to move yikes all this collected stuff!


Cranky said...

Jan - the cleaning out is formidable here. We have 2400 sq ft and I expect we'll move to about 1000-1200. And, we have tons of stuff due to storage unit buying. And, we've lived here for 22 years with no need to purge (though I did do one about 5 years ago). Oy!

kmilyun said...

Formidable - that would be an understatement word if we were trying to move.

Amazing how much "stuff" collected through the years. I suspect much of it is really "junk" :)

Patrick said...

Reading your recent Monday entries I was surprised to learn 'The Pats' did not mean Patrick and Patti, obviously it's some sports colloquialism for people living East of I-495 :) ... Good luck on moving. It is never easy no matter how logical or necessary.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Cranky said...

Patrick - ha! Ya, moving will be a challenge, but worthwhile (hoping I can remember that when I'm up to my ass in stuff).