Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Cranky Reasons #2: Cranky Needs Glasses

Last fall, I drove to the Cape, sometimes twice a week, to help my siblings pack up my Mom's house. It was a two-hour drive each way. I typically left about 8pm, so was driving after dark the whole trip home. I noticed for the first time that I was having some issues driving at night. I found myself relying on all the road reflectors and lines to find my way more than I ever had. And, if it was raining, night driving became very difficult for me. The shininess of the wet road and signs from my headlight beams really created challenges in making my way along the highway.

Some people would have had an eye examination soon after experiencing such troubles. But not me. I managed to put off the exam until yesterday. Well, bah! I'm near-sighted, far-sighted (I've been wearing reading glasses for 10 years) and have astigmatism. I ordered glasses with progressive lenses as I was assured I had 30 days to return them if they didn't work out. But, oy, they are expensive! I got frames that are virtually indestructible in the hopes I won't destroy them, as I've done with readers many times in the past.

Yeah, I'm cranky. I don't want to wear glasses. Though, I'll be happy if night driving gets much easier.


lightning36 said...

Not exactly cranky, but a start ... : o )

Cranky said...

lol! True, it's not up to some of my best rants, but just you wait, they're coming!

Muffie said...

I know how you feel about glasses -- I'm the same way. I wore contacts, but when my hand went south, I could only use one. Now, I no longer wear them, and surprisingly my eyes seem better! I no longer wear 'readers,' and I just use the distance glasses for tired eyes when I watch tv. Maybe your eyes too will get stronger with the glasses.
This certainly wasn't a crank, though... merely a small peeve!

kmilyun said...

Well your progressing toward the Cranky. Glasses are annoying when I bump them or they fall off but seeing trumps annoyance.

Amazing how much a pair costs!

Cranky said...

Muff and Jan - it seems like there's consensus that this isn't a true crank. After the next post to update re Skip's trip to have stitches removed, I'll post a true cranky reason. :-)