Saturday, February 4, 2012

House Work

I'm getting all sorts of things in place to get the house ready for showing to prospective buyers. It's exciting to have a new and fun project to work on.
  • Title V (septic) inspection is Monday morning. When I spoke with the guy who is doing the work he said they'd either be depressed or euphoric, depending upon what happened during the Superbowl. My kind of contractor!
  • We have some closets downstairs that need rebuilding. Had a contractor recommended by our realtors. I called him last Wednesday and left a voicemail, figuring it would be a while before I heard back from him, if at all. He called back in 5 minutes. Said he had a job wrapping that afternoon and he could come over between 3 and 3:30 that day. He showed up right around 3. Gave me a quote on the spot and followed up with a written quote that evening. I'm not used to this kind of responsiveness from contractors. He starts on the 13th.
  • My brother came over last Monday and we walked through my punch list of small, handyman type jobs I'm hoping he and a couple of his friends can help on. Also, his friends (who are both younger than us) will also do things just before listing the house like: power washing the house, washing windows inside and out, sweeping off the roof, cleaning out the gutters and cleaning up the yard. Since we're having such a mild winter this year, I think the outdoor handyman work can start up right away.
  • I'm renting a large storage unit to store the extra stuff we need to get out of the house to make it show better. I'll wait to rent until we've accumulated a good number of packed boxes and furniture to move in there, probably in late February. The intrepid MW, Skip's companion and friend, is going to help us with the packing.
Let's hope the practically snow-free winter continues so we can get all the external projects and cleaning completed by early March so we can get this house listed for sale!


Muffie said...

Sounds as if you have everything under control! Good luck tomorrow, but I have to honor my SIL and root for the NYG...sorry.

Cranky said...

Muffie - thanks, it's under control now, at the outset. I'm sure it'll get a little dicey later. Enjoy the game, it'll be great regardless of who wins.