Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeling Good Monday #2

Is it Monday already? I am continually amazed at how quickly the days speed by. Often, this amazement is coupled with how little I accomplished in the days just passed. This, even with no job competing for my time.

Today's list of feel good items is chock-a-block full of big-time news:
  • I'm still working the Weight Watchers plan. I've continued to use the Wii for regular exercising and have been pushing myself to dial up the intensity. At my size, and prior slothfulness, it doesn't take too much additional effort to feel it's higher intensity.
  • We are going to sell our house! A pair of realtors came last week to look through the house and they've estimated the "go to market" price to be about 10% higher than I expected. We have a lot to do to prep before it gets listed, and, of course, Skip has to be able to get out of bed so we can skedaddle for viewings and open houses. So, I expect we'll list it in March.
  • Then we'll move to a condo! Sadly, having lived for many years with the world's handiest man (my dad), I am not in the least bit handy. I find home fix-it projects to be very intimidating and our house reflects this as it has many projects crying out to be addressed. A condo has great appeal for me because so much of the maintenance will be handled at the association, rather than homeowner, level. I get that if we want to get rid of the wall to wall and put in hardwood floors it's our responsibility. But, taking care of the grounds and exterior maintenance are someone else's responsibility. We're pretty open to the location and type of structure until we start looking at real-life examples. The key is that we're going to move a bit west of our current town, moving to the land of lower property values and much lower property tax.
  • I will start working a parttime job in March. Worked out the particulars with my former boss and I'll get started in March after I've had a chance to get the house ready to sell and Skip is out of her period of post-surgery convalescence. It'll be a sales job, marketing my old boss' services. I can work it from home for as many hours a week as I can muster and that I want to do. I 100% do not want to get back into the high-demand rat race I was in for many, many years. This will be a good way to make some dough where I can use the quarter century of knowledge I built up about benefits and benefits administration without having the life sucked out of me at a fulltime job dealing with demanding clients. Honestly, the time demands caring for Skip as she's progress further downhill just make a fulltime job impractical. For self-preservation, I need to avoid having a really stressful job on top of the care demands from Skip. That's a losing proposition for me, as I'll just fail a bit at both. (Phew! I guess I have some strong feelings about that.)
  • We've continued to have a very mild winter here in Massachusetts. I am particularly happy about that because no snow means I don't have to snowblow the driveway and I don't have to drive in snow. I am a true chickenshit in snow and, though our Element has frontwheel drive, it doesn't handle particularly well in it. Perhaps the modifications for the wheelchair have changed the weight distribution.
So lots to feel good about today.


Muffie said...

Cranky, I'm glad you reached the decision to move -- it's sounds so practical! The new job sounds great. We, too, have had a mild winter, and I'm thrilled that I don't have to worry about going out in snow and ice.
Sounds like a great day you had!

lightning36 said...

Things sound positive -- good for you! It is nice when it seems that several things in life all appear to be moving in the right direction.

Word verification: angst


Cranky said...

Muff and lightning - thanks!

lightning - funny word verification!

Webster said...

All, okay, three good things coming your way at once is great. I think moving into a condo will have many benefits for the two of you.

I had to comment to see what my word verification will be: alas, streber.

Webster said...

I meant to write five good things, counting WW success and nice Winter weather.

PS - still no good WV: funogg

Cranky said...

Webster - I agree that a condo setting should have a lot of benefits for us.

zoomdoggies said...

Cranky, I can't believe I missed your return to the blogoverse! I've been catching up on your recent doings, and I'm glad to read that things are going well on a number of fronts. I've been on a blogging sabbatical myself lately, but I'll look forward to following your adventures!

Are you kidding? vediesse?

Cranky said...

Zoomer - I've missed your posts and your comments. Glad your back to reading. I really enjoyed the break I took; and I was happy to be blogging when I got back.

is vediesse a real word? I'll have to look it up.