Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is one of those rare days when there's no one coming to the house for Skip. No nurses, no aides. Just us chickens, chillin'. We're taking advantage of this quiet to help Skip calm down a bit before the surgery on Friday. She is getting more nervous as each day brings us closer. I'm not sure which is bothering her more, the surgery or the time in the hospital afterwards.

So, Skip has asked me, in the interests of soothing her, to do some things that I hate doing but are important to her. Tops on this list is putting out bird seed. Next will be packing up the things she wants to bring to the hospital. Normally, I'd do that on Friday morning as that's my style, but Skip is most comfortable doing things in advance. It'll help her obsess less about what needs to be packed if it's all taken care of today.

Even being nice and doing this stuff, I'll still have plenty of time for myself to relax, exercise and put up some items on eBay. Sales have really lagged since Christmas and I need to put some items up that will bring in some dough. Gotta love that chillin'.

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