Monday, January 9, 2012

Feeling Even Better

Today is the end of my second week on Weight Watchers. The online tools are just great, especially the Plan Manager that tracks food eaten and activity. It has a huge database of foods, including prepared dishes, so even items that I don't prepare can be more easily tracked than in the old days when I had to rely on a small pamphlet of points values.

The thing that makes me feel best, though, is that I finally hooked up my Wii yesterday and used it yesterday and today for exercising. A looooooong time ago, I unhooked it to lend to a friend and never set it back up when she returned it. I originally got the Wii thinking that Skip and I could use it together, but she doesn't have enough functioning in her hands to easily operate the controls, so that was pretty much of a bust. So, I bought the balance board to use it for exercising, and that's what I'm using now. For me, I particularly like the aerobic and balancing exercises. My balance is poor, I believe as a result of my Meuniere's disease (an inner ear problem that occasionally causes vertigo), so it's good to have tools that can specifically work on its improvement.

All in all, I feel better both physically and mentally. My energy is good. My spirits are very good. Being more thoughtful and deliberate about what I'm eating is giving me a boost. I am very happy about starting up Weight Watchers again.


lightning36 said...

A little positive action helps encourage one to do more positive things. Got any plans for your little vacation?

Josie said...

Sounds good Cranky! I dunno what happened to my new years resolutions. :)

Webster said...

That sounds like a pretty good report for two weeks in. Cranky. Keep up the good work!!

Cranky said...

lightning - my main plans for the vacation are: 1) visit Skip each day, 2) take furniture and other goods for sale to my various booths at multi-dealer shops, 3) list items on eBay and 4) enjoy the peace and quiet.

VJ and Webster - thanks for your encouragement.