Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Duper News

Skip's infectious disease doc called yesterday. He was checking in on the status of her PICC line as she'd had to have a special flush of it yesterday. The flush worked well and the flow was back to where it should be.

While we had him on the phone, Skip asked if the cultures of her bone scrapings were done growing. The doc was waiting for them to determine the severity of the cooties and thus the length of the IV antibiotics administration. Well, the results were finally in, and the cooties aren't too extreme so she only needs a total of 2 weeks of antibiotics! Woo hoo! We're already into the second week of the IV process, so all this will come to an end soon. We've got a good routine going now, but I certainly won't miss it when the antibiotics are done.

The next question is ... how is the PICC line removed? Can it be done in the home? The insertion needs to be done in a fairly sterile environment with access to Xray or ultrasound equipment to check its position in the body. I suspect the removal is much simpler. Just pull!


lightning36 said...

Good news indeed!

Cranky said...

Thanks, lightning!

Webster said...

Oh! That is good news.

Then you said, "Just pull!," and gave me the heeby-jeebies!


Cranky said...

Webster - sorry for the heebie jeebies. :-) But, when I looked up PICC lines in wikipedia, the removal section basically says that's what happens. And, best of all, the removal can be performed by a nurse in a home setting.

Josie said...


Cranky said...

VJ :-)