Thursday, January 5, 2012

High Maintenance Girl

When you read the title of this post, you might have thought I was referring to Skip, because she often can be very high maintenance. But, so can the two dogs, Ruby and Addy. In fact, we have a saying for when all 3 of them are in high maintenance mode together: "needy, needier, neediest."

Addy at 6 months. I really should take photos of her now to show her much longer hair. (All these photos taken by MW, Skip's aide, who is totally besotted with these pups.)

Last night was Addy's turn. I went to sleep around 11pm. Addy started whining around 1am. I don't wake up from the whining, Skip does and then has to wake me up. I finally got tired of Skip bugging me about the whining and got up and took her out. It isn't all that uncommon for Addy to go out in the middle of the night. Ruby is smart enough to "take care of business" before going to bed but Addy, despite being almost 2, hasn't got that down and about 1 in 3 nights she whines to go out in the middle of the night.

What is uncommon is a second bout of whining. At 3:30, Addy whined and whined. And I finally, with much crankiness, got up. Turns out, all she wanted was a drink of water! Grrrrr.

Admittedly, though, regardless of what any of them do, I still love all my high maintenance girls.

Bonus Content: when I looked through the album that had the photo above, I found this great series of something I've seen acted out countless times since ...

This series of photos shows a scenario that is played out almost daily between the two pups. Ruby has a piece of rawhide she's chewing. Addy comes closer. Ruby holds her head up, perfectly still, Addy moves in and takes the bone without resistance from Ruby. Addy chews on it for a minute and then discards it ... fun is over for her now that she has stolen it.


Josie said...

Awww loved the pictures. I enjoy dogs....from afar. :)

Cranky said...

LOL. That's how I feel about cats. I love the lolcats pics but don't have much use for them in real life. :-)