Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling Good Monday #1

The last two Mondays, I posted about how starting back on Weight Watchers was making me feel good. Stealing a page from my friend Very Josie (she has an "It's Okay Tuesday" routine), I thought I'd spend a few minutes on Mondays acknowledging those things in my life that are making me feel good. It's sort of the anti-Cranky.
  • Of course, tops on the list of feel-good items is the Patriots. They're going to the Superbowl!
  • Skip is home. This is more work for me, but I miss her when she's not here. And, she's a lot happier here than in a rehab hospital.
  • The new agency we're using for home care doesn't send aides on the weekend, so we didn't have anyone here for two whole days. While it's always great to get their assistance, it's still a welcome change when it's just us for the day.
  • I'm still working Weight Watchers. I'm obsessed with food, but in a positive way, as the program guidelines are helping me make the right choices. I've lost 10 pounds so far. And, I've been exercising using my Wii.
  • Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina. Who would ever have thought that? I am happy that the Republicans will continue to tear each other apart as they march to the nomination. And, it's possible they'll nominate some whack job who will go down in flames against Obama. If it is Romney who gets the nomination, I wouldn't freak out too much if he won in November.
Enjoy your week. Feel good!


lightning36 said...

"Musings of a Chipper Caregiver" lol

Maybe after the Giants win in two weeks you will be back to your old self ; o )

Muffie said...

Congrats to the Pats -- good luck @ super bowl. Congrats, too, on the weight loss! So glad Skip is home.

Cranky said...

lightning - well, if the Giants win, it won't linger and cause pain for many, many moons the way the last SB loss did. I suspect Tom and company can pull this one out, though.

Muff - thanks on all fronts!