Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diary of a Typical Day

What's a day like in my life? Well, today wasn't all that out of the ordinary for a work day ... balancing work and personal life stuff combined with visitors to the house. (Speaking of visitors, my brother mentioned to me that he was surprised at the amount of comings and goings with visitors to the house. Every day he was here over the last few weeks, at least one other person came to perform some service or another on behalf of Skip.)

Thus, my day in summary:
  • Alarm went off at 5:30, I only hit the snooze once
  • Got up at 5:40, took the pups out, gave them treats, ground beans, got the coffee brewing
  • Settled in at the computer for personal fun, especially to have time to play the Facebook games I'm presently addicted to. When the coffee was ready, got a cup for myself.
  • Around 7 or so, gave Skip her a.m. pills (I have them all set up in advance)
  • At 7:30, moved into the kitchen to begin working as I had a call with my boss at 10:30 and wanted to get some stuff done before that call and get organized for the call itself
  • At 8:40, got Skip up for her shower
  • At 9:00, while helping Skip with post-shower stuff (hair maintenance and the like), got onto my first conference call of the day
  • Between 9 and 11, worked. Occasionally helped Skip out in her morning routines. Somewhere in there I got dressed. Got load of yesterday's laundry folded and washed/dried sheets.
  • Around 11 or so, my brother showed up to do some more work around the house. In particular, he worked on a balky silverware drawer, sealed a leak in the shower and examined a few downstairs doors that need replacing (measuring and the like).
  • Between 11 and 12, got Skip her breakfast and then got her dressed, including cleaning and dressing her skin wounds that we're managing (they're definitely in the healing mode, but will take time to repair).
  • 12:15 finally got around to having breakfast, my typical repast of high-fiber cereal, fresh fruit and 1% milk.
  • It was a quiet day for conference calls, yay!
  • At 1:15, the intrepid MW (Skip's aide) showed up and took Skip off in the car for a 1:45 podiatrist appointment. The pups, Ruby and Sally, would be unsettled and sad while Skip was gone, hanging out by the kitchen door, keeping their eye on the garage door, until their return.
  • At 1:30, had a check-in with a team member to discuss her current projects and their status.
  • At 2:45, the house cleaners arrived (they were 45 minutes late) for the every other week cleaning. This meant I needed to be careful to keep doors closed to minimize noise of the vacuum cleaner while on work calls.
  • At 3:00, had a client call. It was scheduled for an hour, but all content was completed in 30 minutes, yay!
  • Skip and MW got back around 3:30. Skip never even came in the house, but just went right to the patio so she and MW could have some cigars.
  • At 4:00, got back on the phone with my boss, who'd had to cut the 10:30 call short due to an issue that came up while we were talking. He delegated to me an interesting project for a new service to deliver to our client.
  • Started to wind down work-wise around 5. Got a call from someone at my client who wanted to talk billing and budgets until 5:30.
  • As that call was wrapping up, the cleaners said goodbye (the house smells great when they're done!), my brother wrapped up for the day and Skip and MW came in so MW could start on dinner. She made grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, hash browns and a lovely salad. (It's so great to have someone else cook for you.)
  • At 7, we ate dinner. I cleaned up.
  • Checked in on some work stuff while I watched a bit of the LA Dodgers/St. Louis Cardinals baseball playoff game.
  • Settled in on the couch around 8:30 to play a bit more of my addicting Facebook game. Turned on the Red Sox/LA Angels of Anaheim playoff game. Watching it now.
  • Will go back out to the kitchen shortly to do a bit more work before I shut that computer down for the night. (This is one negative of working from home ... the office is never far away.)
  • I expect we'll head in to bed around 11:30 or so.
And that's another typical day here at the Cranky and Skip house.


zoomdoggies said...

Yow, Cranky, talk about multitasking! Do you ever wonder what it might be like to do only one thing at a time? I mean, just for grins?

Webster said...

Cranky, I think you manage life pretty well, busy as you are. But as you said, you didn't have as many conf. calls as usual, and those can always put a screw in the works. It sounds like you have a good boss to work for, and that working from home makes it all possible. Good for you.

Cranky said...

Zoom - one thing at a time? I could get bored? But actually, it might be nice!

Webster - thanks for your comment. I do have a good situation work-wise (boss and working from home). Without that, I don't have any idea how we'd actually manage.