Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leaf Peeping

Skip, the two pups and I went to our favorite spot for fall foliage viewing today. It's a cemetery in a nearby town that is filled with maples, especially red maples. We decided to head over there today to gawk at the great red maples in all their glory.

The trip wasn't entirely successful. First, we went to a seasonal ice cream/clam shack restaurant that we like to take in here and there in the warm weather. At the tail end of the season, they are open only on weekends, so we thought they'd still be open. Unfortunately, the sign that greeted us said "closed for the season." We decided to postpone eating until after we went to the graveyard as we didn't have a clue what we wanted to eat as an alternative (I'd been thinking fondly of friend clams, clams with bellies, not the strips). At the cemetery, we found lots of color, but mostly yellows ... the big red maples hadn't turned yet.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our drive through the cemetery. Skip likes to check out the gravestones, I was focused more on the foliage. The weather was mild and the sky was a clear, beautiful blue.

While we drove around, we decided to get Thai food and bring it home to eat. Unfortunately, the place we called was closed as we were between the lunch and dinner hours. Oy! Well ... we ended up with Chinese, which Skip loves.


steve said...

I like to do my peeping at Easter.

Mmmm. Peeps.

I am full-on jealous of the foliage that surrounds you this time of year. It was no small factor in our decision to get married in the Appalachians.

Skip - is it the style of headstone, or the names?

kmilyun said...

Beautiful color I am jealous also -although I saw a lot of brown sand and brown brush, and brown . ... this weekend.

Gravestones are kind of cool in their own way.


Cranky said...

Steve - Skip likes to check out the headstones primarily for shape, color and engraving. Her favorite stones are the natural boulders and black marble (at least, I think the black is a kind of marble).

Jan - when the weather gets really cold here (very soon, it was 37F this a.m.), we'll be jealous of your climate.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely graveyard. Skip looks thrilled. Where's the popcorn? And who is Sokolowski?...what a handle!!

Cranky said...

L - No popcorn yet, we haven't made it to the movies. The Sokolowski stone I took a snap of because of all the baby pumpkins and other adornments. If you zoom in on the photo, you can see messages written to the deceased.