Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stop the World!

Warning: drivel ahead!

I had a brief period of overwhelmingness today. I had a good sense of what the day would bring and then a curve ball got thrown. Skip's aide, MW, had talked yesterday about not coming today because she was trying to get packed for moving this weekend. As a result, I thought the day consisted just of work, with only my brother coming to do some home maintenance. No nurses, no MW, no physical therapist. All in all, that seemed pretty quiet.

Late morning, MW called and said she'd like to work 1-5. Skip was thrilled. That would get her outside on the patio (it was a lovely, warm day here), a visit and a cigar smoke. I was not thrilled, though. Skip and I had planned that she'd spend time lying on her side in the early afternoon to take some pressure off her wound. That was out. We'd planned on only have one visitor today, my brother. That was out.

Suddenly, this change in plans had me completely overwhelmed. Not for any good reason, but just because it was a change. But, I didn't crank out. Instead, I gave myself a time-out. For about 15 minutes, I sat in the living room and wasted time on my home computer. I completely separated myself from the day's pressures. It did the trick as I was able to climb back into the day's responsibilities and routines and get through it all without descending into a bad mood. In fact, I ended up appreciating MW's presence as she took care of a lot of household activities (such as empty diswasher, fold laundry) that would have been part of my routine instead.

I have to watch out for tomorrow, though. We're having 4 new appliances delivered and partially installed (gas appliances being installed by a plumber on Friday), MW, the house cleaners, my brother and a full day of meetings. Oy! I'll have to be on my guard for crankiness! (Actually, I've already come up with ways to settle myself into a "cone of silence" so I can work away from all the chaos. Wish me luck!


kmilyun said...

Cone of silence - I like that!
Sounds better than the circle of $h*t. So when one is in the circle of $h*t do you go into the cone of silence . silence (echo with reverb)

Hope all goes well with the installs.

I have just been informed that we are going back to Nevada ;(

I am prepared with my can in the truck back and I am stopping at every dang town LOL the heck with it.

Think of all the appliances shinny and new woo hoo. in the cone of silence ...silence ...

Anonymous said...

Could you share your ways that you entered the cone? I could use the advice around my work.


Anonymous said...

Oh and good job with the decranking timeout!

How's the new appliances?

Cranky said...

Jan - I liked your reverb effect! Good luck on your next road trip. I'm looking forward to seeing the snaps on your blog.

L - my cone approach probably won't help at your office. I have a desk in the bedroom. I sit in there with my laptop, blackberry and headset. That's all I need to work. I leave the door ajar so the pups can come in and visit, but do have the option to close it if things get too noisy outside. Yeah - the timeout worked very well. The washer is installed but the true impact of new appliances won't be felt until today when the plumber installs the dryer and oven, since they both use natural gas.

Diane J Standiford said...

Agent 99 here, LOL, great improvise, Crank! I get upset over change too. Visitors especially. I just man-up, but girl-down after words.

Cranky said...

Diane - you're right, visitors are the most challenging change to handle. It's really been crazy here the last 3 weeks with my brother working, redoing the front walk, getting new appliances, Skip's additional nursing care for her wounds, and so on. I haven't gone totally ape yet, though, so no complete and utter disasters yet.