Saturday, October 24, 2009

Try a Little Tenderness

Who knows why certain moods overtake us? I do know that my general tendencies towards good moods are in the morning, bad moods at night. Well, this morning, I was in a wonderful mood and that extended into strong feelings of tenderness towards my wife.

Skip's really been having a rough go of it lately, as her pressure wound has escalated over the last 1-2 weeks into a serious problem. It's got her freaked out, as I'm sure I've mentioned before (this almost daily posting does tend to create some repetition in my posts).

I got her up this morning and into the shower to start her day. I always help with part of the shower, especially because her arms aren't strong enough and her hands aren't dextrous enough to manage a good shampoo (for her inch-long hair). I was struck with such strong feelings of tenderness and a desire to take care of Skip while helping with her shower. MS is such a sucky, horrible disease. It has taken away so much from her and she needs so much as a result. I was glad I could be the one to help.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice post Cranky. Try a little tenderness always makes it better! :)

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
Really concerned to read Skip has a pressure wound.
Hope you are getting help and advice with how to deal with it.
I have a matress that is constantly changing pressure, that was the reason I could stay at home in bed.
Hope that there is some improvement soon for Skip.
Thinking of you both.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Cranky said...

Rain - tenderness does make it better. Sometimes a challenge for a cranky sort to muster it, though! :-)

Herrad - thanks very much for your concern ... I'm concerned too. We have a wound nurse coming in every week and another nurse coming every week as well to continue monitoring. Skip has an appt with at the wound clinic of a local hospital on Thursday for debridement of the wound. We have a Roho cushion for the wheelchair on order and the wound nurse will order an air mattress as well.

Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah you're right, something not quite flowing between cranky and tendernes, ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Tendercrank! (I think that should be your new handle) I think the tenderness came easy to you.

I feel awful for Skip and hope she feels better soon.


Cranky said...

L - yeah, it's hard for Skip. I think she'll feel better after her wound clinic visit this Thursday.