Friday, October 9, 2009

Drivel Post #1

Some of the folks who read this blog may feel I've already penned drivel in a prior post or posts. I won't take offense if you think so. After all, what's interesting to me isn't always going to strike a chord with you. And, sometimes I can be accused of a bit of navel-gazing.

When I started the plan to post 30 out of 31 days in October, I knew I'd eventually come to a day when the well was a bit dry. Today is that day. I'm a bit wiped out from the week, Friday nights are always the low ebb of the week for me, and I'm needing a good night's sleep to recharge.

I'm relaxing on the couch in the living room. Sally is sleeping snuggled against my leg, Ruby is sleeping, lying on her back, just to Sally's side. Skip is in her wheelchair a bit to my left. She's got her feet elevated. Her rolling table (sort of like the rolling tables used for patients reclining in hospital beds) is in position for her to easily use her laptop. Everything she needs is within easy reach ... water bottles, tv remote, phone, snacks.

I'm waiting for the Red Sox playoff game to start. They're in California, playing the Angels, and the game doesn't start until 9:37. Right now, we're catching the end of the Yankees/Minnesota Twins game and I'm happy to see, in the top of the 9th, that Minnesota has a 3-1 lead. I'm hopeful the Red Sox win tonight as they lost last night and being down 2 games in a best of 5 series isn't a good situation. Considering the late start of the game and the fact that it'll conclude sometime after midnight, I suspect I'll not find out the result until tomorrow morning.

So, just checking in with a drivel-istic update. Hope you're all well!


Anonymous said...

The title caught my attention, lol...I know how you feel, sometimes my posts are the most fascinating subjects to me, but I suppose could be drivel to others, but who cares? It's an outlet. I miss the Expos, boo hoo....

Cranky said...

Rain - you're right, it is an outlet, and folks can always skip the drivel-icious posts if they choose!