Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To Costume or Not to Costume?

Skip and I are going to a Halloween party. It's a costume party and it's requested that all partyers wear costumes. The last time we went to this couple's Halloween party, Skip wore a simple costume and I was bad, going in street clothes only.

It probably wouldn't surprise folks who read this blog to learn that I'm a curmudgeon who's not much on costumes. And, to a certain extent, not much on parties. I do find, though, that I am usually happy that I went to the party when all is said and done.

Sometimes I'm able to give up my curmudgeonliness and actually loosen up and have fun. I'm going to attempt that here. Skip is all for wearing a costume and has been regularly asking me to look through costume websites to get ideas for what to wear.

It's a struggle for me. I can be such a stick in the mud.


kmilyun said...

Normally a total anti party type animal I do find it fun putting on a good costume - one that makes it impossible to figure out who I am - fun bra hahahahahah ... anonymity in scaring the crum out of peeps.

I did a mean grim reaper and scarecrow and was requested by building managers to haunt their buildings.

I could stand still (record - the security guard timed me was 76 mins) until everyone was convinced I was fake and then bra ha ha I jumped out at em ....

My evil side has spoken.

- go for it!


steve said...

I think "stick in the mud" might be a bit messy when it comes to implementation, but you can try it.

I think Maggie and Marge Simpson are simple, yet with a bit of "wow" factor. Maybe you can find a third to be Baby Gerald, Maggie's sworn enemy.

BR and I are probably going to buy a fart machine to scare kids away from the candy bowl.

Cranky said...

Jan - I am amazed you could stay motionless for 76 minutes. I doubt I could manage 6. I love the living statues I've seen at the Venetian and the Paris in Vegas.

Steve - I'm liking the idea of a beehive of blue hair.

Miss Jackie's FAVORites said...

I went as an s.o.b. one year, just wore my regular clothes! Take care, hope you enjoy your time off.