Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Front Walk is Done

It's actually been done for about a week, but I haven't gotten around to posting photos. We're delighted with the results. We still have some other work in the front yard, including replacing the lights and modifying the gutters, but this is a huge improvement.

One thing I've realized over the last few weeks, with this work and the work my brother is doing, that home improvement projects I do aren't the only ones that spawn other work. I think it may be that almost ALL of them do! That's been a good thing for me to realize. These follow-on projects aren't due to my incompetence as a home improver, but they are actually quite typical for any home projects.

Anyway ... on with the pics. Before ....

And, ta-da, AFTER!

After the leaves and needles are done falling and then are all cleaned up, we'll put some mulch around the perimeter of the wall to cover the raw earth. (Yet another project spawned by this one. :-) )


upstater said...

Your sidewalk looks wonderful! Does your brother travel? He does great work.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
The path looks wonderful.
What about some raised flower beds too?
Have a good start to the week.

Anonymous said...

Nice! (L whistles in admiration)

steve said...

Congratulations on the completion of the walk. Looks great! May your projects get smaller as they cascade.

zoomdoggies said...

Your project turned out great! And, as you say, you can always come up with something else to do. Just in case you thought you'd ever be "done." :)

Cranky said...

Upstater - the walk was done by a mason who, I agree, does great work. I see in my write-up it does sound like my brother did the work. I have him doing tons of other projects!

Herrad - thanks! Flower beds would improve the look. I'm considering something like that around the front of the house to replace the yews my brother cut down.

Cranky said...

L - thanks! We love it too.

Steve - definitely hoping they get smaller, too.

Zoom - I'd say the realization that's dawned on me is home maintenance never ends. How did I go 20 years as a homeowner and never come to grips with this before?