Friday, October 16, 2009

Special Appreciation

Earlier today, I was getting Skip dressed. Part of that routine includes care for a pressure wound she's developed. Her wound nurse recommended a new approach in caring for it. We started today to use a Dakin solution, which requires packing the wound with gauze soaked in a diluted bleach solution. Yes, regular Clorox bleach is used to help clean the wound to create a better bed for healing.

Skip was nervous about the bleach. She worried it would hurt. The wound nurse had assured her that some folks notice stinging when first applied, but it's not a painful solution. Still, bleach was freaking her out.

Whenever I'm doing something for Skip's care that she can't see, I tell her each step as I'm about to take it so she knows what's coming. Today, I explained in even more detail than usual so she'd be right with me as we tried out the Dakin solution.

When the bleached gauze was in place and a gauze covering taped on, she told me that I take great care of her. At times like this, when we're trying something new that's got her a bit freaked out, she is comforted by how much she can trust me and knowing that she's in good hands.

That made me feel great.

Oh, and by the way, she's noticed a bit of stinging, but not a major problem. That's good, because it gets applied twice a day!


Anonymous said...

That's nice Cranky! I'm glad you both have that trust between you! I hope the sore heals quickly. I react the way Skip did, when I go to the dentist, I HAVE to know every thing they are doing, it just puts me at ease in a situation I can't control, and fear!!

Cranky said...

Rain - I think that's how most folks feel. And, with a little thought, it's pretty easy to put the person with the fear at ease.